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‘BIP’ Reunion Spoilers: Which Couple Almost Got Married?

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The Bachelor in Paradise reunion was filmed in Los Angeles on Friday, November 4. The cast got together with host Jesse Palmer to dish on who’s still together and what has happened since filming ended for BIP this summer. Apparently, one couple was given a chance to get married before leaving the Mexico beach. Did they do it? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

One BIP couple was given the chance to tie the knot

Season 8 of BIP is still airing on television and won’t wrap up until nearly Thanksgiving. However, spoilers are out thanks to Reality Steve. He has dished on which couples get engaged at the end of the season.

Unfortunately, there were only two couples to get engaged on the season finale. Plus, one of the couples has been the center of major drama post-filming. In fact, of the two couples left standing, one has already broken up. This was Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo.

Brandon and Serene via YouTube 1

So, who is the other engaged couple? This would be fan favorites Brandon Jones and Serene Russell.

According to Steve, it was revealed that on the season finale there was a huge cliffhanger. It was that Jesse Palmer revealed he was ordained and if Brandon and Serene wanted to get married right then and there on the beach they could.

At the reunion, it was revealed if Brandon and Serene did decide to get married while still in Paradise. 

They did not choose to exchange vows that day. However, Serene and Brandon are still engaged today.

Fans have shipped them for months

Fans have been shipping Brandon and Serene for months. So, it was great when they met on the beach and instantly hit it off. They were stuck together like glue from that point on.

During the horrible switch week, Brandon and Serene stayed true to one another. When she left the beach he reportedly ran up to the van and kissed her one more time reassuring her that it would all be okay. Their reunion after that week was adorable as they ran to each other’s arms.

Fans will get to see their romantic proposal happen on television in the weeks ahead.

Are you disappointed that Serene and Brandon didn’t just tie the knot on the beach when Jesse offered to marry them? Will they make it down the aisle in the future?

Stay tuned for more updates on all the BIP couples.


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