‘BIP’ Brandon Jones Dishes On Serene & Split Week

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Bachelor in Paradise star Brandon Jones is opening up and talking about his special one-on-one date with Serene Russell. They had an instant connection after meeting on the beach. Fans had hoped before filming started that they would meet and hit it off. They did and everyone is loving watching their love unfold on the beach. Keep reading to find out what Brandon had to say about Serene and that split week they were forced to endure.

Brandon Jones talks Serene and split week

Bachelor Nation shared what Brandon Jones had to say when he stopped by the Click Bait With Bachelor Nation podcast. He said he did meet all the other women on the beach but his eyes were set on Serene.

Brandon said they spent as much time together as possible. He noted he would special things for her on the beach and that they would nap and have breakfast together.

He said he was excited when he was given a date card and could ask Serene out. Brandon said, “I got the date card and I was so excited. It felt like everything was leading up to that. Ask anyone who was on the beach — my feelings were growing enormously every single day.”

In fact, he almost told her he was falling in love. He said, “I was nervous for the date too. I am the corny guy who falls in love quickly. I was about to tell her I was falling in love and thought she might just say that’s great. But it went great and we talked for a long time. It was a lot longer than what we saw. I didn’t know that she got teary-eyed after. I was going through the emotions too.”

Brandon and Serene via YouTube 1

He spilled some tea

Brandon also spilled some tea that Serene wasn’t always just interested in him. He said,

“I’m excited to give you all the juice because a lot of it was cut out. When Rodney came on the beach, Serene expressed to me that she was also open to going on a date with Rodney if he asked. If he asked her, she most definitely was going to go. I wanted her to explore it if she wanted to because if she came back and still wanted to be with me, that was enough clarity.”

Brandon went on to say that Serene was honest about her feelings. He thought he was going to end up dating the same girl again just as he and Rodney had dated Michelle Young. Fortunately for Brandon, Rodney was more interested in Teddi Wright.

Brandon talks split week

Brandon also opened up about split week. He said it was hard but he and Serene went into knowing that neither was going to do anything with anyone else.

He said fans didn’t see it air on television but he “ran up to the van. I hugged Serene and kissed her and told her everything is gonna be okay and that I was going to be there waiting for her until she gets back.”

Brandon also shared that it got to him seeing hearts broken on the beach day after day. He said after being on The Bachelorette he has the fear of it happening to him again.

Do you think Brandon and Serene will stay together?

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