Rider Strong Rips Prom Episode Of ‘Boy Meets World’

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Boy Meets World went off of the air in 2000. However, a new podcast, Pod Meets World, featuring some key cast members is bringing up thoughts on old episodes. One episode, in particular, that has struck a chord is the prom episode, especially for Rider Strong. The actor played Shawn Hunter for the series’ entire run. Now, he is addressing problems that arose during that iconic episode and how he feels about it all of these years later. Read on for more details.

Boy Meets World Struggles To Handle The Prom Correctly

Prom is an interesting night for many teens. There is a certain expectation level and pressure when it comes to being intimate. Longtime couple Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel) and Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) were not exempt from said prom pressure. According to People, at the time, Rider Strong was not happy the week they filmed the prom episode. He took strong exception to the fact that safe sex was not being acknowledged in conversations.

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“The fact that we would not bring up Cory and Topanga using condoms or having a discussion about birth control at all, and yet the entire episode was about whether ‘will they’ or ‘will they not’ … I just remember being so upset, and I brought it up,” Strong shared. He noted that he even went to the show’s creator, Michael Jacobs to discuss the issue. Apparently, no one listened to him and there was more to the segment than just losing one’s virginity.

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“We were growing up in the era of AIDS, this is something that we have to talk about. When you are discussing losing your virginity, you discuss how you’re going to do it and how to be safe about it. And he completely blew me off.” On the podcast, Rider went on to explain that Jacobs further said it was not something that they needed to worry about. Yet, Rider felt this was “incredibly irresponsible.” Danielle Fishel noted that she agreed with her co-star’s feelings for the week.

What Happened Next?

Ultimately, Topanga and Cory did not do anything on prom night. They realized that they were not ready and the Boy Meets World characters waited until they got married. They were only in college so they had to change their living arrangements. Many people took exception to the fact that Topanga chose Cory over attending an Ivy League college. That was the real travesty. Yet, fans were ultimately happy that the two ended up together. They even landed a spinoff several years later, Girl Meets World which did not last as long as the original.

Do you think that Boy Meets World did not address prom night properly? What would you have wanted to see discussed? Let us know in the comments.

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