Maitland Ward From ‘Boy Meets World’ Says Adult Film Won’t Ruin Her Career

Maitland Ward

Fans of Boy Meets World will remember Maitland Ward as sweet and sultry Rachel McGuire. She lived with Jack and Eric who fought over her until they realized that it was better to be friends. She was good friends with Topanga and Angela.

Now, Maitland Ward has decided to go into a different world. She’s entered the world of adult films. Ward isn’t worried it will mess up her career as an actress. She told TMZ she felt like it would do the exact opposite. The stigma of actresses going into adult film is well documented in the history of film. However, if you look more recently at the intimate tapes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, it can be argued that adult films are not a catalyst to stardom. Maitland is getting into the game later at forty-two, but she is no less thrilled about it.

Why Maitland Ward thinks her new gig will be good for her career

She said appearing in her first adult film has been met with support from her former cast members. Ward mentioned Trina McGee by name, who played Angela, Shawn’s love interest. She said lots of Hollywood actresses have applauded her choice instead of shunning her.

The article said Maitland would be willing to do a naughty version of Boy Meets World, but fans are not ready for that. According to Perez Hilton, Maitland was into cosplay and started to get into more adult themes. Once she crossed that line she shared racy photos that kept getting her kicked off of Snapchat. Eventually, her fans told her she should do paid content and the leap to adult film seemed like the next best path.

Her new career got started on Patreon

She decided to go for it and create a Patreon for adult content. Ward said she hadn’t even announced it and already had followers the first day. She posted nudes and some solo photoshoots that fans were really into. They were willing to pay.

Once the pictures did well, she decided to bring other people onto her set. She used professional photographers and videographers and her Patreon grew into the thousands. She then was given the opportunity to do something for which she said did really beautifully polished high-end stuff. After that, her career took off. She’s clearly very proud of the turn and you can’t really knock her hustle. Fans just may not be able to re-binge-watch Boy Meets World the same ever again.

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