Great American Family’s ‘A Royal Christmas On Ice’: All The Details

Great American Family-

Great American Family’s fourth Great American Christmas movie is A Royal Christmas On Ice.

A Royal Christmas On Ice stars Anna Marie Dobbins (Dying To Marry Him, Killer Rivalry), Jonathan Stoddard (Finding Love In Big Sky, Montana, In Love With My Partner’s Wife), William Baldwin (Backdraft, Silver), Charlene Amoia (These Stones, Sons Of Thunder), Mary-Kate O’Connell (A Christmas In Vermont, Trial), Peter Johnson (Diary Of A Lunatic, Within The Woods), Robbie Jarvis (The Lower Bottoms, Eastenders), Christopher Collins (The Offer, A Walk In West LA), and Jessica Mosher (Mr. Robot, Anxious.).

In addition, Philip Schaefer (Plus One At An Amish Wedding, The Marshmallow Mystery Tour), Alison England (Ask Me To Dance, Attack Of The Killer Donuts), Dennis DiPaolo (Framed By My Fiancé, Assault On VA-33), Samuel Dunning (Blue Bloods, Wormhole), Peter Stickles (Shortbus, Break In), Lotti Knowles (Keeping Up With The Joneses), Jay Stockslader (A Man Called Otto, Death Walker), Bill Smith (Guns Of Eden, The Burned Over District), and Joshua Cole (Slapped Straight, Turn Up The Night) all star in this Great American Family movie.

Fred Olen Ray (A Killer In My Backyard, A Perfect Christmas List) is a writer. In addition,  Jeffrey Schenck (The Case Of The Christmas Diamond, Blending Christmas) also is credited for writing. Lastly, Peter Sullivan (Hall Pass Nightmare, The Search For Secret Santa) also wrote the script, with Fred Olen Ray (A Christmas Princess, A Royal Christmas Engagement) directing.

What Is Great American Family’s A Royal Christmas On Ice About?

According to IMDb, “Looking to escape his Royal life, a dashing prince comes to the United States to start a business in a small town in upstate New York and winds up falling for a former Olympic ice skater.”

Great American Family-
Great American Family-

When Can You Watch A Royal Christmas On Ice?

The premiere of A Royal Christmas On Ice is on Saturday, November 5, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Great American Family.

Great American Family’s Great American Christmas

Great American Christmas will have 18 premieres in 2022. Moreover, one of these movies includes Candace Cameron Bure’s first movie with her new network, A Christmas…Present.

Besides CCB (The Christmas Contest, Christmas Town), Marc Blucas (Good Morning Christmas!, Holiday For Heroes), Caleb Reese Paul (FBI, The Walking Dead: Dead City), Keilah Davis (A Friend Of The Family), Clair Capek (A Date For Dad, Urban Vibes), Jon W. Sparks (Christmas Comes Home, Christmas Belles), Vita Tyan (Jetlegs, The Adventures Of Jurassic Pet: The Lost Secret), Laurie Frost (Starbright, Minari), and Jerry Rozzell (Killers Of The Flower Moon, Some Sunny Day) also star.

According to IMDb, “Maggie Larson a real estate Mom, takes her family to spend Christmas with her brother and his daughter, which have different expectations for such a holiday time.”

Are you enjoying Great American Christmas?

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