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Lifetime’s ‘In Love With My Partner’s Wife’ Is Sizzling Thriller

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August is hotter than ever with Lifetime’s latest thriller, In Love With My Partner’s Wife.

This Love, Lies, And Seduction movie stars Andrew Spach (Angels Of Mercy, An Organized Killer), Jonathan Stoddard (Young And The Restless, Deceived By My Mother-In-Law), Gina Vitori (Killer Stepmom, Deadly Girls Night Out), Nicole Pulliam (Dying To Be A Cheerleader, Ray Donovan), Isabella Oliveira (Every Day, Stars Fell On Alabama), Corbin Timbrook (The Author, Friendsgiving), Jacob Horn (A Different Kind Of Humor, Raze), and Robert Miller in his acting debut.

Paula Rahn (His Killer Fan, A Snow White Christmas) wrote the script, with Lindsay Korman Hartley (Deadly Debutantes: A Night To Die For, Killer Ambition) as the director.

Ready to learn more about this risky romance?

Director Lindsay Hartley-
Director Lindsay Hartley-

What Is Lifetime’s In Love With My Partner’s Wife About?

According to IMDb, Detective Paul Ford (Spach) finds himself playing a knight in shining armor. He unexpectedly discovers his partner, Frank (Stoddard) is abusing his wife Eve (Vitori).

Paul rescues Eve. Of course, he believes she deserves better. Additionally, Paul believes she deserves him. However, now Paul is in trouble. Seeking revenge, Frank wants revenge, so he frames Paul for murder!

Now, the lovers are on the run. This is a complicated getaway. While Paul tries to evade his fellow officers, Eve is running from Frank.

Can Paul and Eve contain their passion long enough to find safety? Finally, will they ever find their happily ever after?

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s In Love With My Partner’s Wife?

Lastly, the premiere of In Love With My Partner’s Wife is on Saturday, August 13, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

Would Lindsay Hartley Return To Soaps?

Many Lifetime movie fans know that Lindsay Hartley first cut her teeth in soap operas. Her most recent appearance was on General Hospital.

Speaking to Soaps, she discussed if she would go back to acting in soaps, pointing out how much better the work hours are now.

“Of course! The hours are amazing now, too. I was first up, and I was done in an hour and a half — General Hospital is a well-oiled machine. You just get in, you get out. When Passions first started, we were there all day long. I think it was three-and-a-half, four years before they had more of a rhythm of how to get people in and out.”

Moreover, as for Days Of Our Lives, she admits she would like to return. “I would love to come back with a little bit of a vengeance. It would be fun! I don’t mind coming back and blowing things up… That’d be great.”

Have they asked her to return to DOOL? Unfortunately, that answer is negative.

“I haven’t been asked — [Arianna] hasn’t been resurrected.”

Finally, don’t miss In Love With My Partner’s Wife, Lindsay Hartley directed it and it looks steamy. This premieres on Saturday, August 13, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

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