UPtv’s ‘Finding Love In Big Sky’ All The Details

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Time to Fall In Love with UPtv’s Finding Love In Big Sky.

Finding Love In Big Sky stars Hedy Nasser (Dynasty, My Escort Best Friend), Jonathan Stoddard (In Love With My Partner’s Wife, A Royal Christmas On Ice), Nathan Kehn (Becoming Famous, Dying To Marry Him), Raechel Wong (Shortcomings, Twenty Five Twenty One), Kris Ann Russell (Good Men And Unicorns, Saved By The Bell), Kay-Megan Washington (Our Kind Of People, The Christmas Lottery), Joseph Curtis Callender (Gunslingers, The Passage), Wilson Hammond, Colleen O’Quinn, Kimberly Strachan, Jackie Vetter (Yellowstone, Stole My Heart), Phaedra Neilson (Mending The Line, Meet Dave), Tim Gram (The F.B.I. Files), John Budge (Yellowstone, The Moly Spirit), Tinesha Ersland (The Hail Mary), Teri Jo Rask (Fashion Mask, A Christmas Switch), Steven Harris-Weiel (Into The Wild Frontier, Buck Shot), and Erin Day (The Lady Makers, Trina’s Very Bad Day).

Sandra L. Martin (Follow Your Heart, How To Train Your Husband) wrote the script, based on the Angel Ruth Strong book, and Sandra L. Martin (It’s Christmas Again, My Sweet Holiday) directs it.


What Is UPtv’s Finding Love In Big Sky About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, Paisley (Nasser) is an independent country girl who is determined to keep her grandfather’s ranch running. She was raised on the ranch by her beloved grandfather. Paisley wants to do him right. However, she seeks funding to do the necessary repairs, but she is rejected.

Enter Josh (Stoddard). He is her ex-boyfriend from 15 years back, whose been working in the big city of Denver. He worked as a marketing executive. However, he recently experienced a job suspension.

After denying she needs help, Paisley relents and asks her ex to help her make the ranch succeed. Josh has plenty of ideas that could help her raise the capital she needs.

In addition, Sam (Kehn), Josh’s brother, and Paisley’s good pal, is back in town. Sam is willing to lend a helping hand. Perhaps he will try to shove the two together.

When Can You Watch Finding Love In Big Sky?

The premiere of Finding Love In Big Sky is on Sunday, September 11, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv. There is one encore showing on Sunday, September 25, at 9 p.m., Eastern.

Yellowstone Romance Encore On UPtv

Don’t miss the encore showing of Yellowstone Romance. This is on Sunday, September 11, at 5 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv. Yellowstone Romance stars Stephanie Bennett (The Nine Kittens Of Christmas), Christopher Russell (Day Of The Dead), Aadila Dosani (My Christmas Family Tree), Caleb Di Pompon (Midnight Screaming), Bruce Dawson (Christmas By Starlight), Kathryn Kohut (Baby, It’s Cold Inside), Darien Martin (Love Hard), and Gerardo Barcala (Resident Alien).

Yellowstone Romance used with UPtv's permission
Yellowstone Romance used with UPtv’s permission

According to IMDb, a bachelorette party at a dude ranch turns into an unexpected romance. Could big city girl Olivia (Bennett) really be falling for a cowboy from a small town? Will you be watching?

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