‘Netflix’ Is ‘Killer Sally’ McNeil Still In Prison For Killing Husband?

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Netflix’s latest true crime documentary Killer Sally premiered on November 2, 2022, and has garnered interest from true crime fanatics. The documentary focuses on a former professional bodybuilder, Sally McNeil who was convicted of the second-degree murder of her husband and bodybuilder Ray McNeil. She was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison. So, is Killer Sally still in jail? What is the latest update? Keep reading to find out the details!

Killer Sally Was Charged With Second-Degree Murder

The documentary provides new insights into what happened 30 years ago that lead to the brutal death of Sally McNeil’s husband Ray McNeil. The three-part series explores the events that led to the murder in 1995 on Valentine’s Day. After her marriage to Ray, Sally claims that she was physically abused throughout their relationship. On the day she shot him, she alleged that her husband was choking her. After a long and rough trial, she was charged with second-degree murder and a long jail sentence.

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Born in 1960 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Sally McNeil, a.k.a. Killer Sally had a tough upbringing. In the documentary, she reveals that she had to defend herself in various situations which essentially exposed her to physical violence right from childhood. She even believed that violence was normal. In high school, Sally was a great athlete who mastered diving, swimming, and running skills. With the hopes of becoming a gym teacher, she attended East Stroudsburg State College. Having no funds left for college, she left her studies.

Sally’s Husband Ray McNeil Had Several Mistresses

Eventually, she decided to become a part of the Marine Corps which is when she met her first husband. However, as a result of his aggressive personality, she ran away from him with her two kids, John and Shantina. During this period, she also started bodybuilding. This was when she met her future husband, Ray McNeil. After dating for two months, they got married and moved to Oceanside, California. While Sally and her family were financially stable, their relationship was just the opposite. As per Meaww, Ray started becoming insecure about his physique and this was when Sally found out about his mistresses.

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She was punched in the face occasionally and once Ray even split her lip and broke her nose. As per the Netflix docuseries, Ray had an abusive persona due to the sexual and physical abuse that happened to him when he was a child.

Sally McNeil Was Dubbed A Bully For Her Physical Appearance

After Sally shot her husband, the prosecutor, Dan Goldstein, tried to make her look like the aggressor due to her bulky physique.

In his opening statement, Goldstein said, “She is a bully!”

“That’s hard to say when you’re talking about a woman, but Sally McNeil has managed to bridge the gap of gender,” he continued.

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The murder was also dubbed a ‘roid rage killing’ given that both Ray and Sally were reportedly using steroids. The prosecution also argued that the murder was preplanned because he first shot Ray in the abdomen, reloaded the gun, and then shot him in the face again.

After her conviction, Sally lived at the Chowchilla Central California Women’s Facility located in California. However, she was later released on Parole in June 2020. She currently lives in Northern California.

Killer Sally McNeil YouTube Netflix

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