Closer Look At Josh Duggar’s Troubled Childhood & Teen Years

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Since Josh Duggar was arrested about a year ago, more details about his troubled past have surfaced. The Duggars have been scrutinized due to the nature of Josh’s charges, as well as their response to his arrest and guilty verdict. Fans and critics have been watching closely to see what’s next from the family.

Sources close to the family have been coming forward and sharing additional information about what might have happened behind the scenes. Now, someone has even more information to share about Josh’s past.

In case you missed it, Josh was arrested for receiving and possessing child pornography. The eldest Duggar son was found guilty at his trial late last year. And now, he’s awaiting sentencing.

The nature of Josh Duggar’s charges has fans and critics thinking about his past. As a teen, Josh confessed to his parents that he had inappropriately touched several of his sisters while they were sleeping. The details of the police report were later leaked and ultimately led to the cancelation of 19 Kids & Counting. The family supposedly handled Josh’s behavior.

But what else should fans know about Josh Duggar’s troubled childhood and teen years?

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More Details On Josh Duggar’s Past Struggles Revealed

Bowman Fedosky, a former family friend of the Duggars, recently shared some details about Josh’s past. Fedosky revealed this information in an exclusive interview with Distractify

He explained, “When we first met the Duggars, I think I was 8, maybe 7, Josh wasn’t there. I think that was probably the first time he had gotten sent away. There was a month-long period where we were hanging out with the Duggars and hadn’t met Josh yet, just heard about him. And then there were all these different weird things that happened throughout the years.”

All of these “weird things” that Fedosky mentioned were the reasons Josh was sent away on multiple occasions. He also believes that the Duggars and their acquaintances knew more than they admitted publicly.

He said that the first time he met the Duggars is probably the first time Josh had been sent away to ALERT Academy.

Fedosky claimed that Josh had been sent there multiple times growing up.

Fedosky added, “Growing up, they never talked about it. I mean, it was always kind of hush-hush, and there were some people that knew about it the whole time. I think my parents knew about it.”

Josh Duggar was sent away when he was “struggling.” However, Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t share many details about why exactly their son was away.

So, does it surprise you to learn all of these additional details about Josh Duggar’s past? Do you think even more will be brought to light soon? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggars, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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