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Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Secret Concern About Losing Job


Whoopi Goldberg joined The View as a moderator in 2007 but seems like she might lose her long-term gig to someone else. The 66-year-old expressed concerns stating that her spot might be taken over by another popular host from a daytime talk show. Who is this new host? Is Whoopi really losing her job? Keep reading to find out the details!

Jennifer Hudson Portrays Whoopi Goldberg’s Iconic Character

The actor/comedian shocked fans during her appearance on a show different than that of her regular one for a special segment. She shared concerns that her most iconic role ever might be stolen by actress Jennifer Hudson.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

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Whoopi talked about the Halloween special episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show where the singer dressed up re-creating the classic 1992 movie, Sister Mary Clarence. She reprised Whoopi’s character from the movie.

Jennifer performed a medley of popular tracks from the movie while dressed as a political commentator.

Whoopi Goldberg Jennifer Hudson YouTube

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Whoopi also discussed details of the performance during The View’s Tuesday episode stating, “Jennifer Hudson dedicated half of her show it seems to Sister Act. She was dressed and singing the music! So I have to watch out because if they discover that she really CAN sing I’m going to lose that job!”

Whoopi Interviews Simone Ledward Boseman On GMA

These concerns followed her joining the GMA news desk on Tuesday in a surprisingly new switch-up. Whoopi interviewed Simone Ledward Boseman about the impact the passing of her husband Chadwick Boseman had on her. As per The Sun, she also discussed the new foundation created to honor the Black Panther actor. Fans were surprised to see The View moderator on a different gig on the Good Morning America show, as one wrote on Facebook, “Whoopi on GMA?”

Whoopi Goldberg GMA YouTube

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Another remarked, “Glad to see. Whoopie doing the interview. Rest Easy Chadwick.”

Good Morning America Whoopi Goldberg YouTube

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“Great interview and Whoopi and Mrs. Bozeman I’m so glad it was YOU WHOOPI THAT DID THE interview, “complimented the third fan.

Whoopi Goldberg Shades The View Co-Host Sara Haines On-Air

While Whoopi isn’t interviewing, she’s busy shading her co-hosts on The View. On Monday’s episode, the comedian was seen discrediting Sara Haines on-air. The Halloween special episode features a mix of fun celebrity interviews and scripted skits. At the start of the episode, each of The View’s hosts showed off their costumes in their dedicated solo sketches.

Sara Haines The View YouTube

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Sara played the character of Moira Rose from the Schitt’s Creek show which is portrayed by Catherine O’Hara. Her wig-filled skit helped her do justice to the iconic character and she even aced the accent. Later on, as Sara explained to Whoopi why she decided to choose the character, Whoopi got a bit shady about her acting skills.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

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Sara said, “I won’t try to do her accent over and over again because-“

However, she was immediately cut off by Whoopi who said, “Good!”

Sara Haines Explains Picking Moira Rose’s Character For Halloween

Yet, Sara didn’t let Whoopi’s shading throw her off. She continued, “-because it’s gone between-one, it’s a muddled accident, in general, and two, I’ve muddled her muddled. But Catherine O’Hara is a comedic genius, and that show itself was good on good on good. It was the best writing, the best performances, characters. It is missed and I just wanted her to continue living on.”

Whoopi Goldberg Sara Haines YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

What do you think of Jennifer Hudson portraying Whoopi Goldberg’s iconic role? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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