‘The View’ Sara Haines Makes Risqué Dating Confession

Sara Haines [The View | Instagram]

Sara Haines made a risqué relationship confession. In the latest broadcast of The View, she admitted to doing something naughty with her ex-boyfriend. The co-host shared the details during a segment of the morning talk show. Read on to learn more about Sara’s confession.

Sara Haines shares secret confession

On Friday’s broadcast of The View, Sara Haines admitted that she shared nude photos with her ex-boyfriend. She made the admission during a “Hot Topic” segment in which the panel discussed whether or not people should keep their exes’ nude photos. Sara admitted that her ex-boyfriend probably still has her nudes.

She took physical nudes back in the day, long before smartphones. Sara admitted it was easier to take them because they could be shredded or cut up and thrown away. Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in and admitted that she sends her husband, Justin Griffin, racy photos. Sometimes they travel due to their respective careers and they want to keep the spice alive while they’re away.

Sunny Hostin [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Co-host Sunny Hostin didn’t like the idea. She noted that half of the marriages end in divorce, which could lead to an ugly fallout. That means someone’s nude photos could end up leaked on the internet. Sara Haines still doesn’t regret sending photos to her ex-boyfriend.

“I always say I would never do this because if they don’t exist no one can do this, but when I was 25 I did do this with a guy I was with for many years,” Sara Haines shared with the panel.

Her panel was shocked. Ana Navarro wanted to know if she took suggestive photos. Sara confirmed that she took nudes and that she “forgot” to inform them. Sunny was the most in shock over Sara’s confession. Joy Behar wanted to know if she sent them via email.

Sara Haines [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“No, no digital photos. It wasn’t a phone,” Sara Haines explained. “He still has them, I think.”

Sunny wanted to know if they were suggestive, and Joy wanted to know if she was fully nude. Sara joked that she wore only a hat before breaking into a laugh. She regained her composure and admitted that she still trusts her ex-boyfriend. The two were in a solid long-term relationship.

The View co-host gets candid with the panel

This isn’t the first time that Sara Haines made a steamy confession on the show. She made an innuendo during another segment earlier this month. In the final segment of the morning show, Sara and Sunny spoke with Oprah Daily’s creative director Adam Glassman.

Adam introduced beauty and skincare products. Sara and Sunny giggled as they talked about “cold balls,” which they rolled on their face. Adam informed them the cryo-balls are relaxing and good for the face. Both demonstrated the product while making naughty jokes.

Are you shocked by Sara Haines’ confession? Have you done the same? What are your thoughts on people having their exes’ nudes? Sound off below in the comment section.

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