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‘The View’ Sunny Hostin & Sara Haines Get Nasty With ‘Cold Balls’

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Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines got nasty with “cold balls.” The View co-hosts got naughty during a segment that took place on the morning show. That moment took place on Monday’s broadcast. Sara and Sunny led a beauty segment that featured some NSFW products.

Double entendres and innuendos were brought into the conversation. The ladies couldn’t help themselves. This comes after the co-hosts spoke candidly about all things intimacy last month.

The Season 26 premiere of The View was wild when some of the co-hosts couldn’t stop talking about X-rated messages, suggestive flirting, and racy photos. Read on to learn more about what happened between Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines.

Sara Haines Talks Hot Topics [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Giggly Sara Haines & Sunny Hostin push the envelope

During the last part of ABC’s The View, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines spoke to Oprah Daily’s creative director Adam Glassman about the hottest beauty products this season. They featured all things makeup, skincare, and more. Viewers at home could buy the products at 50% off or more. Some of these products also massage certain body parts.

Adam demonstrated a face roller from Los Angeles-based facialist, Nurse Jamie. He explained that it “tightens” and “massages” the face. Giggly Sunny Hostin wanted to know if you would feel “cold” if you use it. Adam assured her that it wasn’t freezing cold.

Sunny Hostin & Sara Haines [The View | Twitter]
[The View | Twitter]
That’s when he transitioned into the topic of the “cry-balls” which were “amazing.” He showed off the metallic orbs, which are cold to the touch. Sara exclaimed: “Cold balls!” before breaking into laughter. Sunny giggled as well.

The audience got a hoot out of their candid conversation. Sunny touched the balls, as Sara instructed her to “rub it on your face.” The ladies got a few more laughs out of the studio audience and crew members.

Sunny Hostin wanted to impress her co-host with her rubbing skills. She said “check this out,” while Sara looked over at the audience. She said, “Oh yeah,” before they moved on to the next product.

Sunny Hostin & Sara Haines Beauty Segment [The View | Twitter]
[The View | Twitter]

The View co-host called herself a “dumb b*tch”

This comes months after Sara Haines called herself a “dumb b*tch.” Each of the co-hosts took part in a special interview to promote the new season of The View. Sarah spoke out on the importance of her role as co-host. She reflected on her experience with the talk show as she slipped out a cuss word.

First, Sara started off by explaining that she wants to use her role to “amplify someone else’s voice.” It’s important for her to share stories from different people. Sara knows that there are so many women at the table. However, she wants to “represent you,” the viewer.

“We’re only five voices. But I do hope that there are people who hear what I say and think, ‘Oh gosh. That’s what I was thinking,'” Sara Haines continued. “When that happens that’s nice to hear because you usually only hear, ‘you dumb b*tch,’ so please speak up if you agree.”

Her statement came as a shock to fans. Most of them cheered her on for her candor. She hasn’t held back on her opinions and choice of words this season. What do you think of Sara Haines this season? Sound off below in the comment section.

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