‘Sister Wives’ Reason Janelle Did Not Buy Christine’s House

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Sister Wives fans watched as Janelle Brown opted not to buy her rental home. It would need a lot of work so she chose to take that home-buying money and purchase an RV. Her feeling was that she would prefer to put the money she would pay for a house and put it toward building on the family land, Coyote Pass.

They purchased it in 2018 however they still cannot pay it off. Therefore, until they can, no one can actually build on it. At least, this is what Kody has said in recent episodes. Living in the RV has been rougher thane expected especially with Janelle having a teenage daughter. Now fans are wondering why she did not just buy Christine’s super nice home.

Why Didn’t Sister Wives Star Janelle Buy Christine’s Home?

The one big issue with Janelle’s rental home was that it would need work. However, Christine’s home was really nice and well-maintained. They needed to make decisions about living spaces around the same time. It would have made perfect sense for Janelle to buy her sister wife’s home over buying the RV. Kody refuses to stay there and Janelle has admitted it is much harder than she anticipated. However, Kody wanted the revenue from Christine’s home sale to pay off Coyote Pass so that they could start building on it.

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Therefore, would he really have let Janelle buy it even if it was her own money? Fans have been wondering why she did not just buy Christine’s home. They proceeded to start a Reddit thread over it and this is what they had to say. “Sorry if this has been posted already but why didn’t Janelle buy Christine’s house instead of buying the camper? Seems like it would have been easier in the transitional period.” An immediate response was: “Because she wanted to be on CP and start building, she wanted to invest all of her money in buiding and buying Christine’s house would mean spending more money.”

Janelle Brown/YouTubeAnother added: “I think she wanted to leave her options open so she wouldn’t be tied down. She’s said before she always wanted a camper and I think this was her excuse. Now she can visit Maddie as often as she wants for as long as she wants, but she also can more easily just leave.” Someone noted that there is a huge difference between the price of the 80-90K camper and a 700K home. They also think that Janelle is marking her spot on CP to either start building or she is out.

Will It Ever Happen?

While checking out Janelle’s new RV, which is parked on Coyote Pass, Meri admitted that she does not even care about the land anymore. However, Robyn has said she is grateful that Janelle is utilizing the land because at least someone is. Yet, in a recent episode of Sister Wives, Robyn admitted she does go sit in a chair on her lot. She claims she never sees Janelle when she is there but does she actually make an effort? Unless this land gets paid off, who knows how long it will take to build. Though the money from the sale of Christine’s house could have helped, Janelle maintained that Christine kept her divorce clean. She left behind CP and went on with her life.

Do you think Janelle should have bought the home or do you think she made the right choice? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.



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