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What Will It Take For Janelle Brown To Leave Kody?

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Janelle Brown has proven that she is fiercely independent. When her rental was put up for sale, she opted to buy an RV with her own money. She has proven time and time again that she does not need Kody by her side for anything. More so, Kody has admitted that he and Janelle are not in love with one another. They have a deep friendship, at best. So, why does she stick around and what would it take for her to leave? Read on for a possible answer.

What Will It Take For Janelle Brown To Leave Kody?

Janelle and Kody butted heads a lot over the last few seasons, mainly when the pandemic started. He did not feel she was being safe enough. Plus, he thought that her two sons living with her were too reckless and wanted them out. Yet, she stood up to him at every turn and would not back down, something fans truly admired. She has always been a hard worker and someone who has had a mind of her own. So, they just assumed she would follow her fellow sister wife, Christine out the door.

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She has not done that though there have been rumors Janelle is leaving Kody. Just what would it take for her to actually leave him? A Reddit thread was started contemplating this. Do you think the final straw will be when she finally realizes that she’s been fed a lie this entire time about developing CP? Listening to her talk about her RV and her plans and how shes going to build the casita and then her house.…it’s just too sad. She has no clue,” the thread started.

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She was the only one who would sacrifice a home for the sake of Coyote Pass. Another person felt she would never “formally” exit the family but spend less time with them after Savanah graduates. Then, she just would never be around at all. Finally, one Redditor noted: “She has said before that she likes flagstaff and everyone else can leave and give her the land. I think she just wants the property to herself and is trying to build asap.”

Too Busy To Care?

The truth is, Janelle Brown is just so busy. She has traveled extensively with her Plexus business and was recently in Hawaii and Nashville. Janelle also frequently visits her daughter Maddie in North Carolina so she can be with her grandchildren. Plus, she and Christine love to bond on adventures. So, even if she is still technically with Kody, the mother of six is very much off living her best life. She has no need to leave the family when she is already gone.

Do you think Janelle Brown will ever formally leave the plural family? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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