How Did Janelle Brown Spontaneously Afford A 5th Wheel?

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Fans of Janelle Brown already know that the mother of six spent the summer of 2021 in an RV. She had parked it on Coyote Pass and everyone was thrilled that someone was utilizing the land. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, viewers finally got to see how this actually came to fruition. Yet, now they are left with some unanswered questions. One of them is how was Janelle able to randomly afford such a lush purchase. A Reddit thread was started to chat this whole situation out.

Janelle Brown Makes A Big Move

When Janelle learned that her rental home had been sold, she had a few choices. She could have put an offer in as she did really like it. Yet, she also knew that the money had better usage. They could take what they would put into a home and start building on their land. At that point, she still was unaware that Christine was leaving Kody and moving to Utah. Without anyone’s knowledge, Janelle made a big move. She decided to purchase an RV.

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This was apparently something she had thought about in the past but never acted on. She assumed Kody’s truck would be able to haul it but it was not big enough. This caused fans to flock to Reddit as she did not consult the family about such a major purchase but for another reason. It seems quite clear, from this purchase, that Janelle is fairly financially secure. Some said they think she has her own money so she does not have to talk to the family about what she does. Another person commented that Kody may be afraid of now losing a financial hold on his wives.

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“She’s always been better at playing him, he doesn’t call her the teflon Queen for nothing,” one noted. “Kody has never been able to provide for his family. Robyn is the only wife not expected to contribute. These woman aren’t legally married to him, so they can do what they want with their money,” another added. There was talk that she may have financed it which is entirely possible, as well.

Do As They Will

One Redditor made mention of Meri’s bed and breakfast. There was a time when she desperately wanted the family to help with the down payment. They told her that she needed to have a stable business plan plus they wanted to be partners. The next thing they knew, she had the down payment on her own. Janelle Brown has always been very business-minded, long before Meri. She worked all of the time, giving credit to Christine for raising her kids. Now, she has found success in an MLM and can do what she wants. If Kody will not find sufficient housing for her and her daughter, Savanah then she will do it on her own.

How do you think Janelle Brown got the funding for the RV? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. kody has to hang on to her. She is the brains of the family and financial manager. He would go under without her.

  2. Janelle owes no-one any explanation about anything.Where she gets her money is her business.I hope she gets rid of that bloodsucker.Maybe she could lend him money for a haircut.

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