‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Does Nashville, Why?

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Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown has been consistently branching out and living her best life. Much like her former sister wife, Christine, she is truly finding happiness away from the plural family. Many opportunities have been given to her through her MLM and she has snatched up every one of them. It also helps that her children are not located solely in Flagstaff. Now, she is finding herself in Nashville among some interesting characters. Yet, what has brought her there? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives On The Move

Over the last handful of years, the Brown ladies have found themselves traveling much more but not as a team. Robyn mostly stays at home with her five kids, Kody, and the nanny. Meri has found a lot of success with her MLMs so that has taken her many places. Most recently, she was loving life in Mexico. Plus, she goes back and forth between Flagstaff and her bed and breakfast in Utah. As for third wife Christine, she also frequents Utah a lot as her adult kids live there. Since leaving Kody, she has made it her permanent residence.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

She also goes on a lot of adventures with her former sister wife, Janelle including Disney World and a recent Hawaii trip. Janelle has always been extremely independent. She often spends time in North Carolina with her pregnant daughter Maddie and her two grandkids. Now, after leaving Hawaii with Christine and their family, she has found herself in Nashville. So, why is she there?

Janelle Brown/InstagramThe mother of six took a picture of a mime statue and posted it on her Instagram. She explained that she was there for a business meeting yet did not say how long her stop was for. It is clear from the quick photo that she made the most of her short trip and is not the same woman fans met nearly thirteen years ago.

Janelle Blossoms As A Woman & Mother

Back in 2010, when Sister Wives premiered, Janelle was so business-focused that she was in the office from sunrise until sunset. Furthermore, she admitted that she preferred to be out of the home. This could be why she and Christine have such a strong bond. Christine was there to be the happy homemaker and help to raise the children. Now, Janelle has more freedom in her work and it allows her to see the world and be much more free-spirited. Plus, she has Christine by her side who has gotten her groove back which is incredibly inspirational.

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