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Janelle Brown Admits Kody Around Less, Where Is He?

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Janelle Brown hasn’t had much of a role in the first few episodes of Sister Wives Season 17. Instead, the drama is largely centered on Kody and Christine’s split at the moment. But glimpses from new clips posted on the official TLC Facebook page suggest that Janelle will be commenting on the situation soon enough.

Robyn believes that Kody largely split his time equally between the wives before the pandemic happened. But Janelle, Christine, and Meri would probably say something different if asked.

Now, Janelle is even saying that Kody is barely around at all. Where did he go?

Janelle Brown has no idea where Kody is half the time

During the height of the pandemic, Kody Brown largely quarantined away from family. He chose to stay at Robyn’s house and live with her and her children. The family rarely even saw the family patriarch during the pandemic.

In fact, at one point Janelle just told Kody that it would be best if he stayed away from them in general. Her sons Gabe and Garrison had pretty active social lives and she was worried they might give COVID-19 to Kody, who might spread it to the rest of the family.

However, Janelle probably didn’t mean that he needed to stay away forever. Right now in Season 17, fans are seeing the Brown family live through the winter and spring of 2021. The pandemic was still pretty bad at that point, but nowhere near as bad as it was the previous spring. And yet, Kody is still nowhere to be found.

Robyn recently asserted that Kody spent equal time with his wives, but that’s clearly not the case. Fans at home can see that and so can members of the Brown family.

Sadly, it seems as if Janelle has no idea where her husband is half the time or where he goes.

Some members of the family set off for a Hawaiian vacation — without Kody

If Janelle Brown is bothered by her husband’s absence, she isn’t letting it show. Even in the present, she’s off running around with Christine. And it really seems like the women are having a lovely time together.

The women went on road trips together and now they are in Hawaii with some of the kids. The trip was probably sponsored by Plexus, but it’s pretty telling that Kody wasn’t invited. Or if he was invited, he chose not to go.

Janelle Brown from Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Either way, it really looks like the family is having a lot of fun and enjoying themselves without the family patriarch. Maybe they just all need a break from him now and then.

Don’t forget to keep up with the latest episodes of Sister Wives. The next episode will air on TLC starting at 10 PM eastern time this Sunday night. Set your timers and see what happens next.

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