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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Swears He Never Gave Up On Meri

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During this week’s episode, Christine Brown leaving Kody opened some deep wounds for his first wife Meri. One scene featured Robyn coming to visit Meri. The two sat down as they discussed the emotional damage left behind by Christine. Robyn encourages Meri to hold on with her and notes that they have to find a way to “rebuild.” As TvShowsAce previously reported, fans felt the conversation to be a bit baffling and wondered what Robyn meant by rebuilding. Did she want Kody to replace Christine with a new wife?

During the same conversation, Meri Brown crumbled to tears as she discussed her own relationship with Kody. She admitted to Robyn that she knew Kody had given up on her and given up on them a long time ago. The episode also reveals Kody’s take on the idea that he’s given up on Meri. Looking down at the ground before composing himself to speak. Kody insists that he never gave up on Meri.

Kody Brown swears he never gave up on Meri

From Kody Brown’s point of view, Meri stepped out and betrayed him during the catfishing incident. She was having an online affair and he suspects she would have physically had an affair if the individual on the other end if they hadn’t been a catfish. While Sister Wives fans are inherently sick of the catfishing story, Kody Brown insists that’s the moment he lost his love for Meri. At that moment, it became clear to him that she no longer wanted him.

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Talking during a confessional, Kody insists he never gave up on Meri. Sadly, he explained that his relationship with Meri just become unstable and it couldn’t continue to function for that reason. He, however, doesn’t believe it was because he abandoned her or gave up on their relationship.

Just last week Kody Brown admitted that he wouldn’t give it a second thought if Meri found another man she wanted to be with. In fact, he made it sound like he was willing to help her pack and get moved into her life with a new man. Some Sister Wives fans found it disgusting that she would continue to stay with him after he was bold enough to say this on television.

Check out the clip of Kody Brown saying he never gave up on Meri down below:

Do you think Kody Brown gave up on Meri? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back to us for the latest Sister Wives news, spoilers, and fan theories.

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