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Robyn Brown’s Conflicting Words Baffle ‘SW’ Fans

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Robyn Brown has been baffling Sister Wives fans for years. They do not understand how she can support Kody when he behaves so poorly to his other wives and kids. However, it was what she had to say in the latest episode that had viewers scratching their heads. Was she speaking out of both sides of her mouth? More so, does Robyn support one wife over the other? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Supports Meri Over Christine?

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri and Robyn are sitting outside chatting. They are talking about the breakdown of their family and how hard it is that Christine is leaving. It is not just that she is leaving Kody but also the wives so they feel hurt, as well. Robyn even notes that she would have been fine if Christine built on Coyote Pass but chose to date other guys. Meri goes on to say she knows what it feels like to be given up on by Kody because he gave up on her. She recalls the demise of their marriage. At one point, Meri talks about people questioning her faithfulness to the family.

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Then, in Robyn’s confessional, she says she would understand if Meri were to leave. Though it would hurt her, she would get it. Fans immediately took to Reddit as they were completely confused by why Robyn was okay with Meri leaving but not Christine. “Robyn, How are Meri and Christine Different? “If Meri were to leave, I wouldnt blame her.” And Im listening to several episodes of Robyn blaming Christine. So what is the difference on why its ok for Meri and not Christine?” it started.

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Someone added: “I suspect it has to do with Kody. Kody wants Meri to leave and Christine to stay.” Another person agreed with that sentiment going, “100 percent.” Finally, a Redditor posed this question: “I wonder if kotex turned to Robyn and told her he no longer wanted an intimate relationship with her, and stopped coming over, if her opinions would change?”

It Would Never Happen

Though Robyn Brown said that she would be cool if Christine wanted to stay and date other men, Kody was absolutely against this idea. The same went for Christine as she just wanted to leave Flagstaff. She did not even want to be there as long as she had been. Within the first year or so, Christine had proposed the idea of moving back to Utah. She brought it up to Kody who acted like it was a good idea. However, he really had no intention of ever going back there. Despite all of this, he seems to have found himself working in Utah again.

Do you think Robyn Brown makes allowances for Meri that she doesn’t make for Christine? Is that fair or is that just Robyn? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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