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‘Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans Wants Fans To Be Scared

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Ghost Adventures lead investigator and owner of The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas Zak Bagans has a chilling treat for fans this Halloween. Every year, Ghost Adventures airs a special for Halloween night. This year is a little bit different. Zak created a screenplay based on visions he had twenty years ago. He’s bringing to life some of his own fears and wants fans to be just as scared as he is. Keep reading to find out more.

Zak Bagans brings a story to life in new movie

Zak Bagans has been keeping track of his visions and writing them down. When tasked with the 2022 Halloween special for the Travel Channel and Discovery+, Zak decided to bring his visions to life with a horror film.

The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno was born from Zak’s crazy visions he had back before he ever started doing paranormal investigations.

Bagans worked together with Eli Roth to make his story into the movie fans can now stream on Discovery+ and watch on the Travel Channel on Halloween night.

Zak Bagans from 'Ghost Adventures' via Instagram
Zak Bagans from ‘Ghost Adventures’

People shared more details about the Halloween special. The story is about a father and son who steal an old suitcase from an antique dealer, not realizing it holds a vintage circus tent that becomes a terrifying portal to the past.

Zak said, “It’s funny because the idea and story for it started before I even began investigating the paranormal or had the museum.” He continued, “I went to a film school back in 2002 and I’m more into the documentary stuff. But it just became so visual for me, I started writing it down. I was like, What does this mean? Why am I thinking about the circus? It wouldn’t get out of my head.”

The museum helped inspire him

Zak felt like that museum needed a miniature diorama of a circus. So he got a call about one that existed and he added it to his collection of oddities. Then, he built a fun house centered around this circus. To make things even scarier he purchased a clown costume that was worn by the man who witnessed the Hartford circus fire in 1944. The man who started the fire reportedly was being told to do so by a dark entity with flames coming from its head.

Bagans said, “I didn’t even put it on display, I put it underneath the circus diorama on the second floor at the end of the fun house because I wanted the spirit of that clown to exist within that little diorama. Once I did, [guests] and my staff in the funhouse started seeing a very large shadow figure.”

Zak has never been a fan of clowns and to bring his vision to life he had to face his fears. However, he was ready. He said, “I’m attracted to the things I fear. I like that rush that I get from facing it. And I want to make you scared the way that it makes me scared. I’m going to admit it.”

Will it terrify fans as it does him? Zak even noted that when he’s seen parts of the film at his own house, he often looks towards the dark corners thinking the clown just may appear and begin chasing him.

Are you ready to watch The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno?





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