‘Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans Slams Tony Spera For Bashing Show Over Annabelle Investigation, Plus Rumors Fly She Escaped

'Ghost Adventures' lead Zak Bagans via Instagram

The legendary demonic doll Annabelle has been making headlines. Not only has Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures recently called her current owner, Tony Spera, rumors surrounded her Friday. At first, rumors and jokes flew wildly she escaped. But, later confirmed as a hoax that Annabelle escaped from Warren’s Occult Museum on the east coast. Twitter exploded with jokes about Annabelle making her big escape. No need to worry just yet, 2020 has not yet released Annabelleto haunt the world, maybe in September, (just kidding).

However, the museum is not even open and Annabelle, along with other paranormal artifacts, are housed with the Warren’s son-in-law, Tony. Annabelle’salleged escape is not the only time Tony has been in the news in recent weeks. He has also openly criticized one of the most respected paranormal teams in the nation. And, Zak Bagans called him out about his open disrespect towards his crew.

Zak calls out Tony for disrespecting his show and his crew

It should first be noted that Zak does not engage often in social media disputes. He began a Facebook post that addressed the issues and the hate Tony Spera has inflicted towards the Ghost Adventures crew.

He said, “TONY SPERA- Annabelle’s owner. I’m fed up with the nasty things this man is saying about myself, my entire crew and our show.”

Zak continued on explaining why he believes Tony to be wrong in his accusations. He continued, “If his claims of Annabelle, being purely evil/demonic and had the power to cause a guy’s fatal motorcycle accident just for talking to her from OUTSIDE her protected case then why would he even take her OUT of her protective sealed case that Ed & Lorraine Warren put a sign on that reads “ WARNING POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN “ then cram her into a small plastic briefcase and use oven mits to carry her around my museum putting her in a high chair and let us investigate her? Oh wait, for a LARGE amount of money he was quick to collect after he stormed off set. Wonder how Ed & Lorraine would feel how you took Annabelle out of a case they said NEVER to for a big check? Stop being a hypocrite Tony.”


He shares even more feelings

Zak continues on saying Tony questions and slams their knowledge of the paranormal. He went on to say how Tony is absurd to think Annabellecan be contained and behave with the use of just oven mitts.

When Zak and the crew investigated Annabelle at the museum, Tony knew Zak showed signs of being affected by the doll. He acknowledged it, but ultimately didn’t seem to care. In fact, Zak accidentally touched Annabelle’s foot, which he does not remember. He said, “Remember, he TOLD me Annabelle was affecting me, so why wouldn’t he understand that and offer me concern or help in that situation.”

Zak continued, “And as the keeper of that doll he shouldn’t have attacked me but been more sympathetic to the situation and offered to help cleanse me with his holy water. Now remember Tony told me I was being affected by the “Fore-runner” (Annabelle’s Power) before the investigation even started. But he did nothing, didn’t use his holy water to help…..nothing. Is all his hate, negative posts, really fueled by me subconsciously touching his dolls foot? Did I damage the doll? No. Does Tony care about my well-being? Hell no.”


Zak says Tony did it all for money

It was clear in Zak’s message to Tony, he believes Tony simply wanted a big check. In fact, he showed little concern about being around Annabelle. He even took off his rosary and reportedly left it in Zak’s haunted museum in Las Vegas. Tony was quick to collect his thousands and leave.

And, Tony demanded he and Annabelle fly first class. Zak said, “Tony also demanded First Class air tickets ONLY for he and Annabelle. I’m sure Annabelle would have been extra demonic if she had to fly coach. HE DEMANDED A FIRST CLASS AIR TICKET FOR A DEMON! Lmao.”

Zak concluded the post saying, “And you want to disrespect my entire Ghost Adventures crew by saying “Ed had more knowledge on his pinky than my whole crew does”? You were a hater of me and my crew before you even arrived that day to my museum. Everyone stated how bad your condescending attitude was the moment you arrived. And it’s not “all about the money” for us. So says the man who owns the money-making Hollywood doll who demanded first-class airfare and thousands of dollars. This is our LIFE.”

The Ghost Adventures crew continues to investigate the unknown and document evidence of the paranormal. The crew gained much respect from around the world. They’re one of the most-watched investigative teams on television.

The demonic Annabelle was the inspiration behind the 2014 movie Annabelle, starring Annabelle Wallis. And, the success of the movie later spawned a prequel in 2017’s Annabelle: Creation and a sequel in 2019 titled Annabelle Comes Home.



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  1. tony is a ass hole to my fiancee and his crew i have to agree with my fiancee zak bagans zak had to say the truth about tony spera tony spera is a sick basterd and a ass hole tony spera can go to fucking hell i have my fiancee’s back and his crew’s back as well so all the nasty things he is saying about zak and his crew was so fucking rude when zak was being effect by annable i was going to start crying i was worried about zak health and not tony spera

  2. I just watched this episode on Amazon prime after watching it years ago and TONY IS A MONEY HUNGRY DOUCEBAG trying to make A DOLLAR! I watched you Zak as you touched her foot and you were NOT YOURSELF! I’ve watched Ghost Adventures, Aftershocks etc… now even House Calls FOR YEARS! I feel I know all of you – even Nick and then joining Billy and Jay! I love you guys- I’m way too excited to come see Zak’s MUSEUM when I come to Vegas again- it’s been a few years BUT that’s on my bucket list! Love you guys, especially Zak- I lived in Rochester, NY, as did you, have and read all books! AND Aaron, OMG… your so hilarious, I think I’d marry you- I just love you! Look me up! You all are great! I’ve watched since season 1 and that kind of makes me feel a bit old now! But thought you were a sweetheart from episode 1 -Love ya”ll ❤️

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