What’s Happening To Pete Davidson, Is He Ok?

Pete Davidson on the set of 'Saturday Night Live'

Fans have been worried about Pete Davidson following his breakup with Kim Kardashian. Now, sources are saying that he has had a meltdown on the set of his show Bupkis. As more details are revealed, people are beginning to ask if Pete Davidson is okay. Keep reading to see what unfolded on the set of the show.

The End Of Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson split over the summer. It was also announced that Davidson would be leaving the cast of Saturday Night Live. Many fans were worried about the comedian, who has openly talked about his mental health problems.


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However, it has been reported that Pete and Kim are still in contact with each other. The pair remain close friends, despite the breakup. Although it was clearly hard on Davidson and Kardashian, they have been able to stay in touch.

Sources close to Kim have said that she simply feels like she isn’t at a place in her life where she can be in a serious relationship. She is dealing with a lot of drama with her ex-husband, Kanye West, and doesn’t think that continuing a relationship with Pete is the best thing right now.

Pete remains loyal to Kim, saying that he’d jump on a plane in a heartbeat if she needed him. It is clear he is still in love with her. His recent actions on the set of Bupkis have many people worried about his mental health though.

Pete Erupts On Set Of Bupkis, Causing Damage

The Sun reported that a source close to the set revealed that “Pete had a meltdown” on the set of Bupkis Thursday evening. According to the source, Davidson threw candles through his trailer and caused damage to another truck’s windshield on set. “He also threw coffee on the walls and folded a TV in half inside his trailer,” the source continued.

Pete Davidson in official Peacock trailer for 'Meet Cute'

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Right now, it is not clear what prompted Pete’s behavior. There has not been any police report filed with the Long Island police yet. So, the details of what happened are only known by the people that were present at the time.

The source also confirmed that Pete has been given some time off to “focus on himself.” He was missing from the set of Bupkis on Friday following the incident. It is not known when he will return.

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