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Pete Davidson Erases Proof Of History With Kim Kardashian?

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Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s relationship latest mere 9 months after which the former couple parted ways. However, in those nine months, Pete did his best to prove his love for the SKNN’s owner. He went to great lengths to prove his love to the mogul but now he is erasing this proof. Yet, how exactly is he doing so? Read on for more details.

Has Pete Davidson Removed His Tattoo Dedicated To Kim?

On Wednesday, the former SNL star was spotted on the set of his forthcoming comedy series titled Bupkis in New York City. However, what got fans’ attention was the fact that he had a bandage peeking through his shirt. This is where the famous, ‘My Girl Is A Lawyer’ tattoo sat. It seems like he is getting rid of all the evidence of his past with Kim starting with his tattoos.

Pete Davidson YouTube

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Pete also has a branding on his chest dedicated to Kim along with the initials of her kids in a different one. As per TMZ, Kim was even gushing over the fact that he got those tattoos and called them cute. However, she also mentioned that he is a tattoo guy and the best way to show his love for her was to get one or maybe four that we know of.

However, Pete hasn’t yet confirmed whether he actually removed the tattoo or if it is an injury.

Fans Wish Pete Wouldn’t Get Another Impulsive Tattoo

After these speculations started doing the rounds, fans took to Twitter to share their opinion on the matter.

One tweeted, “Pete Davidson looking happy after removing a certain tattoo.”

“Pete getting rid of his Kim tattoo is so funny and idk why,” quipped another.

Even the Reddit community chimed in on the matter as one wrote, “Hopefully in his next relationship he doesn’t impulsively get another tattoo for his girlfriend & her children.”

Pete Davidson Is Currently Focusing On His Career

Since Pete and Kim ended their relationship in August, the actor has kept a low profile. However, his pal, Martha Stewart did spill the beans on his state of mind after the breakup. She insisted that the 28-year-old is having the time of his life and had moved on without any hard feelings. In a recent interview, she also revealed that the comedian is working on two movies, focusing on his career.

Pete Davidson YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“This guy is a talented actor, a comedian, and who is a bon vivant at the same time. He’s fun,” explained Martha.

Even Kim shared insights about her future after Pete during her appearance on the Late Late Show With James Corden. She admitted that diving straight into another relationship isn’t something on her mind right now. The mother of four said, “I haven’t really thought about it, because I’m not looking. I just want to chill for a minute. I think I need some time to myself and to focus, finish school, all that.”

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Do you think Pete has really removed his tattoo dedicated to Kim? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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