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Kim Kardashian Hints Pete Davidson Broke It Off?

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When news broke that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson had split, no one was all that surprised. It was seemingly something that was on the horizon for some time. However, it was unclear who made the final call. Now it appears that it may have been Pete who ended the relationship. Read on for more information.

Kim Kardashian Alludes To Pete Breaking It Off

Though she has not come out and directly said it, Kim Kardashian is dropping hints. She is suggesting that she was not the one who broke off her nearly one-year romance with Pete Davidson. Rather, it was the former SNL-er who chose to break things off. According to The Sun, Kim posted a song on her social media entitled Leave Me by Anees. Based on the title and the lyrics, her followers started to read between the lines. It led them to believe it was all about her breakup with Pete.

Kim Kardashian/YouTube/Pete Davidson

From what they gathered, it was a subliminal message from Kim stating that she was actually the one who had been left in the dust. Here is a sampling of some of the song lyrics:

And I’m so sorry for the way things went down
You deserve a king and I’m not wearing no crown
These tears welling up in your eyes
I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you I was suprised

Though the two seemed very much smitten with one another, there were several factors that led to them breaking up. Some questioned if Kim was possibly entertaining the idea of reconnecting with ex, Kanye West. There was also a lot of distance between the duo. Kim was constantly jet-setting for her brands while Pete was filming in Australia. That first truly sparked the breakup rumors. Finally, there was a rumored proposal that sealed the deal.

The Way They Were & The End Of An Era

Kim Kardashian fell for Pete Davidson when she hosted SNL late last year. The two had a skit as Aladdin and Jasmine where they shared a kiss. Kim admitted she felt a spark but Pete did not even show up at her after-party. Therefore, she found a way to connect with him, just for fun and it evolved into one of the best relationships ever. She found him to be genuine and sweet, caring and kind. Then, he left SNL and ended up in Australia for a film.

Kim Kardashian/YouTube

The distance was really hard for both of them but they maintained that they would make it work. Their romance was even featured in the trailer for The Kardashians Season 2. Unfortunately, it seemed like Pete rushed too fast for Kim when he was ready to propose. This seems like it may have been her mother Kris Jenner’s idea and all for show. Whatever the case, it seems like Pete may have been the one to pull the plug. Do you think he was or was it a mutual situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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