Kendall Long Makes HUGE Announcement With Mitch Sage

Kendall Long and Mitch Sage via Insta

Bachelor in Paradise alum went to Instagram to share a huge announcement involving her and her boyfriend Mitch Sage. Her big news comes just two days after her ex, Joe Amabile, married Serena Pitt in New York. What news is Kendall revealing to fans? Keep reading to find out more.

Kendall Long makes huge announcement

Fans love Kendall Long and love that she has found happiness with Mitch Sage after breaking up with Joe Amabile. She met Mitch through mutual friends and announced their relationship to the world in April 2022. Now, Kendall is making another big announcement with Mitch.

Kendall and Mitch went to Instagram to share the huge news that they are moving to Germany. She shared a few photos of them on the beach with a huge pretzel.

She captioned the post saying, “We have some BIG news…
We’re moving to Germany! 🇩🇪 Going to be calling Stuttgart our new home for two whole years 💕I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have this crazy adventure with 🥰 Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens!”

Kendall wrapped it up by saying, “Side Note: In Germany, the pretzel was a symbol of good luck and was used at weddings (‘tying the knot’) 😉”

In an Instagram story, Kendall noted that she and Mitch will be living in Stuttgart.

Bachelor Nation reacts

Other Bachelor alums flocked to the comment section to send their congrats to the happy couple.

Jade Roper congratulated them on their new adventure and noted she was now wanting a pretzel. Susie Evans also commented telling them to enjoy and that she is very happy for them.

Meri Pepin noted her mom lives in Stuggart so she will be visiting soon.

Kendall Long and Mitch via Insta
Kendall Long and Mitch via Insta

Demi Burnett said,  “I’m so German! My granny and her mother are German immigrants. I think this is sooo cool you’re moving there!! May I ask why you are moving there? Like what sparked this adventure? Hehe”

Kelley Flanagan, who recently rekindled her romance with Peter Weber, also offered congrats to Kendall and Mitch.

The two have been together less than a year as she previously noted they met right before Christmas.

Kendall noted previously that it’s hard to find anyone who can challenge her. She said Mitch challenges her in a lot of different ways.

What do you think about Kendall deciding to pack up and move to Germany?

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.




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