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Kendall Long Opens Up About New Boyfriend, Their Relationship

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Fans are happy that Kendall Long has finally moved on from Joe Amabile and found a love of her own. She announced earlier in April that she found someone and was indeed in love. Now, the two are opening up more about their relationship. Kendall is also sharing what she loves most about Mitch Sage.

Kendall Long and Mitch reveal how they met

Bachelor Nation shared what Kendall Long had to say about her new love. Kendall and Mitch answered a series of questions so fans could get to know about their relationship.

Kendall revealed they met through a mutual friend at a pregame party. Mitch said their mutual friend plays volleyball with him. They all went to Hermosa Beach where they two were able to really connect and talk.

As for when they met Kendall said they met just before Christmas. It was actually the day before Mitch’s birthday as well. She said, “The thing that made me really attracted to him right off the bat was we were talking about aliens and space and I was talking about this moon off of Jupiter that could potentially harbor alien life. And he was like, ‘That’s Europa.’ And I was so surprised he knew the name of that moon! It’s rare that I meet someone that’s as interested in certain things like science as I am.”

Mitch and Kendall via Insta

The things they like about each other

When asked how Mitch feels about Kendall’s love for taxidermy, he said he prefers live animals but says it’s interesting to see what she does.

Kendall revealed they are taking their first trip together. They are headed to the UK and are excited to visit Scotland and Ireland. She is anxious to see how they travel together. Will they click or get on each other’s nerves? Time will tell.

As for her favorite thing about Mitch, she said, “My favorite thing about Mitch is that it’s so rare to find somebody that challenges me the way he does. If I believe something, he always asks why I believe it and challenges me in a lot of different ways.”

Mitch and Kendall via Insta 1

Mitch said, “And for me, I just think Kendall is extremely genuine, one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I’ve never met anyone who aligns so well with the way they think, talk, and act. She’s so consistent in who she is and it’s really impressive.”

They have already met each other’s parents and everything went well. In fact, Kendall revealed she texts his mom a lot now.

They are excited to keep getting to know one another.

Congrats to Kendall for finding someone to love.


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