‘SW’ Fans Worry How Gabriel Is Handling Christine Brown Leaving

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s divorce might not have affected Truely a lot but what about Gabriel Brown? How will he cope with the divorce? In the previous season of the TLC show, fans saw Gabriel Brown indulging in a lengthy conversation with his father about the strict COVID-19 restrictions. This is when he clearly stated that it was Christine Brown who ultimately raised most of the Brown kids. So, it is obvious that Christine leaving the next will surely affect Janelle’s son, Gabriel a lot.

Gabriel Brown Confirms Christine Was His Primary Caregiver

Gabe doesn’t shy away from admitting that Christine is as close to him as his mother, Janelle. He also noted that Christine was his primary caregiver and essentially raised them all. However, instead of acknowledging it, Kody seemed confused by the statement.

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In her confessional, Christine also admitted to the fact stating that she was the one who took care of all the kids. The 50-year-old revealed that Janelle worked long hours and Christine took care of them instead of opting for after-school programs or daycare. She also revealed that she raised them as their own.

How Will The Distance From Christine Affect Gabriel Brown?

On the Reddit forum, fans discussed how Gabe will cope with the divorce as the OP wrote, “Christine seems to have been his safe person. The way he spoke of her makes it seem like she is more important in his life than his own mom. How will it affect him that she will not be a quick drive away? I have a feeling that he will be spending a lot of time in Utah for vacations.”

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Assuring the OP, another user chimed in, “Christine divorced Kody. She didn’t divorce his kids. She raised those kids and loves those kids and will always be in their lives.”

“I think Gabe will be ok in the long run. It’s sad to watch him say ‘he doesn’t know what he did wrong’ in respect to wanting to spend time with his father. I hope that comment is aired to Kody and Robyn during the tell-all. I know they won’t show empathy but I want to hear how they will try to save face on it,” wished the third fan.

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A fourth claimed, “I have seen a pic of Gabe visiting Christine.”

“Christine posts pics with Janelle’s children all the time. It’s heartwarming to see their love for each other,” agreed a fifth fan.

Janelle & Kids Still Spend Time With Christine After Divorce

While Christine has parted ways with Kody, she still maintains a loving relationship with all the children. Janelle and Christine spend a lot of time with each other as seen on their social handles. So, it is evident that the kids do the same proving that the divorce has changed nothing.

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Do you think Gabriel Brown was fine with Christine divorcing Kody? Did he cope well with the situation? Share your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I think Gabe will be fine, I also think that he’s hoping that his mom will also leave his dad because he doesn’t like the way his dad treats his mom.

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