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Heartbroken Gabe Brown Confused: Why Did Kody Abandon Him?

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Gabe Brown makes a brief appearance in tonight’s episode of Sister Wives. Heartbroken and confused, the young man struggles to understand the massive disconnect between himself and his father. Is a difference of opinions on the pandemic really the reason he has no relationship with Kody? Keep reading for Sister Wives spoilers on how things went down.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Sister Wives. 

Heartbroken Gabe Brown struggles to understand his father

Toward the end of tonight’s episode, Kody, Gabe, and Janelle spend a little time trying to level the RV. It becomes painfully aware to viewers at home that no one seems to have any idea what they are doing. Gabe tries to tell his father he knows what to do and how to fix it. Kody, however, shuts Gabe down and urges him to get out of the way. Speaking to the cameras, Kody notes that his son Gabe has no idea what he’s talking about and has no idea how to level the RV.

Heartbroken and emotional, Gabe gets a bit emotional while he sits on the couch and talks to the cameras. He admits that he just really doesn’t have much of a relationship with his father Kody. He, however, struggles to understand why. Gabe Brown admits there’s a huge disconnect between himself and his father. He just doesn’t really have a good reason as to how their relationship got to that place.

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Sister Wives

The episode flashes back to intense moments between Kody and Gabe during the pandemic. As Sister Wives fans recall, Janelle Brown’s boys did not agree with Kody’s rules. It caused a pretty intense amount of tension. Kody insisted the family needed rules. But, Janelle’s boys didn’t think rules should be so strict that they kept the family apart. Toward the end of the agreement, Gabe Brown accused his father of having an issue with trust. Kody agreed that if he didn’t have trust issues the rules wouldn’t be such a problem.

Gabe explains there has been tension between him and his father ever since that moment. So, they don’t have much of a relationship.

Sister Wives - TLC
Sister Wives – TLC

Tune in tonight to watch a heartbroken Gabe discuss his fractured relationship with his father Kody. Or, stream the new episode of Sister Wives now on Discovery+. Share your thoughts on tonight’s episode in the comments below and keep coming back for the latest on Kody Brown’s family.

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  1. Kody Brown is an egotistical narcissist that has no feelings for anyone Or anything but himself. He is afraid to get a lawyer involved in the state of Utah because he possibly might have to pay child support as well as alimony. The courts need to throw the books at this idiot.

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