‘Sister Wives’ Fans Disgusted How Kody Degraded Adult Son Gabe

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Sister Wives fans are in shock at Kody Brown’s harsh treatment of his adult son Gabriel Brown. Kody has never been a great dad to his older kids. Moreover, he is constantly prioritizing Ariella and Solomon Brown. Ever since Christine decided to leave the nest, Janelle has also been vocal about her feelings. However, it seems like she still lets Kody take charge of her life, especially with her kids, failing to protect them. And, the latest victim of this was Gabe. What happened? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Unleashes His Fury On Son Gabe

The Brown family patriarch has been bitter ever since he demanded that Janelle kick Gabriel and Garrison out of her house and she outright denied it. He felt like his teenage sons weren’t abiding by his atrocious COVID rules and didn’t want his other kids to see him lose control over the family. Janelle refused and even asked Kody to “f**k off.”

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However, this time around, Janelle didn’t take a stand for her son when Kody mercilessly snapped at him as they worked on her new fifth-wheel trailer.

Tensions between the two escalated after Gabe burst Kody’s bubble and told him that he is the only one who can fix the RV. To this, the 53-year-old responded raising his voice, “We have to know how to fix it.”

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As the scene cut to his confessional, Kody kept bashing his son and said, “Gabriel doesn’t know anything about this RV. He hasn’t read the manual, hasn’t driven it, hasn’t leveled it before and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Sister Wives Fans Bash Janelle For Not Defending Her Son

Debating on Kody’s crummy behavior toward Gabe, a fan took to Reddit and wrote,

“I was traumatized by how Kody was yelling at Gabe and putting him down in his talking head. Gabe is just there to help his mom. He’s doing his best, and he’s not yelling at Kody or even acting defiant.”


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“This was the moment I realized wow, Kody really is never going to try and be a decent person. He’s perfectly fine being mean and frankly abusive. I also have NO RESPECT for Janelle just standing there and letting him degrade her son. Wow, such an independent woman, letting your kid be shamed and yelled at. Like who are these people?” they concluded.

Agreeing with the OP another Redditor chimed in,

“It’s one thing to show frustration at the moment, but to take it to a talking head presumably months later and continue to disparage your kid, it’s soooo wrong.”

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Do you think it was wrong of Janelle to not take a stand for her son at the moment? And do you think Kody’s behavior toward his older kids is justified? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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