Robyn Brown Gives Green Light To Meri, Red To Christine Why?

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Robyn Brown seems to only have a close relationship with one sister wife, Meri. They have a history together that bonds them. First off, Meri was the one who encouraged her husband, Kody to go dance with Robyn. From there, the courtship began. Then, in 2014, Meri divorced Kody so that he could marry Robyn. This was all so that he could adopt her three kids from a previous marriage.

Finally, when Thanksgiving 2020 rolled around, it was Robyn who Meri could not wait to see. She has a very close relationship with Robyn’s children and they all spent the holiday together. So, why is it that Robyn seems to give special accommodations to Meri and not to Christine? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Gives Allowances To Meri Over Christine, Why?

In a special clip from an upcoming episode of Sister Wives shown on Reddit, Meri and Robyn are chatting. Robyn says, quite honestly, she would understand if Meri chose to leave Kody. Though it would hurt her, she could completely understand if she were to make that choice based on the relationship the couple has. Kody has said that he and Meri do not really have a marriage and a few weeks back, he told her to stay at her B&B in Utah basically indefinitely. Furthermore, Meri admitted that they have not been intimate in over a decade so how is this fulfilling?

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Fans were stunned that Robyn was so easy to let Meri go but was so hard on Christine when she made the decision the exit the family. “Why is it okay for Meri to leave and not Christine? She’s been struggling with Kody for a very long time. I don’t get why the grace for Meri is different,” a Redditor wondered. One person did note this: “The only difference I can see is that Christine is the doorway to 12 of his kids and those grandkids. When it comes to the holidays or vacations, who would they want to be with . . . Janelle or Christine.”

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Another added: “It was Christine’s decision to leave not Robyn or Kody’s. Christine has options. Meri however is so enmeshed that they can make the choice for her confident that she won’t truly move on. This way they can be the monogamous pair and still retain control of Meri.” It appears that Robyn has one book of standards for Meri and another for Christine. She picks and chooses which is not really fair but this whole situation had turned into a mess.

Who Wins?

In the midseason trailer, Christine is seen getting ready to leave the family. Robyn Brown is on one side with her kids and she wishes Christine luck. It seems like the former sister wives just won’t stay in touch. As for Meri, she is angry with Christine but, by the same token, maybe she is just jealous. She wishes she had the courage to leave as Christine did but she can’t. Plus, if she stays she gets to go to the Celestial Kingdom which is the ultimate goal of her religion. Christine is just happy to be away from the toxicity of Kody and in Utah with her family regardless of what anyone has to say.

What do you think of Robyn Brown’s contradictory actions? Let us know and watch Sister Wives on TLC.

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  1. who gives a hoot about what Robyn thinks. She’s a phoney and I’m tied of all those fake tears. She only want Meri around for the money. she needs to get her ass a job and get rid of that nanny. why can’t she take care of her kids. don’t like her, never did. it’s just something not right about her. Why would she encourage any one to stay in a loveless relationship?

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