Meri Brown Reassures Fans: ‘I Literally Don’t Hate My Life!’

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Meri Brown is often questioned about how she can be happy in the plural family. She gets so little in return while acting desperate for love from her husband, Kody. Fans wonder why she sticks around when she appears to have such a full life when she is not in Flagstaff. Now, Meri is answering all of the skeptics. She took to Instagram to share a smiling photo and a lengthy post explaining her exact feelings. Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Assures Fans She Doesn’t ‘Hate Her Life’

It is well-known that Meri and Kody have no intimacy in their marriage. In fact, she revealed that they have not been intimate in over a decade. However, she still feels an obligation to stay in the plural family, most likely to get into the Celestial Kingdom. However, Kody has even noted that there is no way this marriage could be fulfilling for Meri. Fans have been saying this for a very long time and wonder why his first wife sticks around.


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In an Instagram post, Meri had this to say: “Chilling out after a fun couple of days on the first leg of my 10 day trip. Driving to my next city tomorrow! Y’all, I literally don’t hate my life! It’s a whirlwind, I do amazing things, and I’m grateful!” Whether she is speaking to her fans or just talking out loud is unclear. Yet, she wants it to be known that she doesn’t hate her life. Then again, she did not say she loves her life, either. 

Better On Her Own?

The one thing about Meri Brown is that she is fine on her own. She thrives when she is operating her B&B which will be having a very pricey retreat come November. During that time, visitors will get to spend time with Meri and experience a few days of Parowan, Utah fun. That is not all. Meri also has been extremely successful in her MLM business. She has excelled with LuLaRoe, even taking home awards while making a ton of great friends.

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The company has also given her the opportunity to travel at great lengths. Recently, Meri posted photos from her time in Mexico, and she boats about how grateful she is to have these opportunities. It seems she is only in a low place when she is filming in Flagstaff. That is where there are two Meris which may be why she feels the need to say she does not hate her life.

Do you believe what Meri Brown is saying? More so, do you think she is better off away from her Sister Wives family? Let us know and watch the show Sundays on TLC.

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