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Pregnant Mykelti Padron DID Attend Logan’s Wedding: Here’s How

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When Mykelti Padron and her husband Tony weren’t spotted in Logan and Michelle’s wedding photos, Sister Wives fans weren’t too surprised. Mykelti is very pregnant with twins and fans assumed it just wasn’t safe for her to travel right now. Turns out, Mykelti Padron’s very sweet siblings found a way to make sure she could attend the wedding anyway.

In the comments of one of her recent Instagram posts, Gwendlyn Brown revealed that her very pregnant Mykelti Padron was able to attend the wedding thanks to a little creativity and some technology. How exactly did Mykelti attend the wedding without traveling?

Tony Padron - Mykelti - Ysabel - Truely -- Youtube
Tony Padron – Mykelti – Ysabel – Truely — Youtube

Gwendlyn Brown reveals Mykelti Padron DID attend wedding

Logan Brown and Michelle Petty got married this past weekend. Sister Wives fans have been pretty focused on which family members attended the wedding, where they sat, and who they interacted with. Kody Brown, for example, has been all over the headlines for his bizarre seating placement. Moreover, fans took issue with him not sitting beside Janelle.

Meri Brown also made headlines as fans originally assumed she didn’t attend the wedding because of her travels. She, however, appeared to have paused her business trip because she was clearly spotted in a few photos of the wedding’s seating that made rounds on Reddit and Facebook.

As far as Sister Wives fans were concerned, Mykelti Padron was the only one who had a reasonable excuse for not attending the wedding. Being extremely pregnant with twins, fans completely understood why she opted out of traveling to be there for Logan and Michelle.


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Gwendlyn, however, revealed that they Facetimed Mykelti Padron so not being able to travel didn’t stop her from seeing her brother Logan and his beautiful bride Michelle get married. The comment Gwendlyn left suggested there may have been some hiccups. But, Mykelti Padron ultimately got to enjoy the wedding with the rest of her family thanks to technology!

That wasn’t the only thing she revealed

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Sister Wives fans believe Gwendlyn may have accidentally revealed that Aspyn and Mitch were pregnant. In one photo she shared on Instagram, Aspyn appeared to be rocking a pretty noticeable baby bump. Some fans, however, were pretty quick to argue her stomach was simply protruding because of the way she was standing.


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Do you think Aspyn could also be pregnant? Do you think it is sweet that they found a way to include Mykelti Padron in the wedding? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for all things Sister Wives.

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