Kody Brown’s Excuse Not To Move Ysbael Has Fans Livid

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been very clear this season favoring his kids with Robyn as opposed to his other children. While he is fine with officiating a friend’s wedding, he conveniently skips his daughter Ysabel’s spine surgery. Although he did get Ysabel a car, he denied traveling with her to set up at college. Now, fans wonder why the father of the year isn’t helping her daughter move to college. Did he explain his reason for not doing so? Keep reading for the details!

Ysabel Brown Will Miss Christine More Than Kody

Earlier in an episode of the TLC series, Ysabel reflected on her relationship with her father. In her confessional, when asked to describe her bond with Kody, she dubbed it as just ‘fine.’ She did reveal that she has a closer relationship with her mother, Christine. Ysabel, who is 19, clarified, “I’m gonna miss my mom more than I’m gonna miss him, I think- because I don’t actually think we’re close at all. But I mean, he’s still my dad.”

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On the contrary, Kody thinks it is Ysabel who is shy and doesn’t communicate well with him. Talking about her time with Ysabel, he said, “You know, anytime I spend time with Ysabel, I spend most of my time doing a lot of work to draw her out of herself. I don’t know what it is. I don’t think I’m that big an ogre. I don’t know why she’s not talking to me. I’m open to her.”

Reddit Fans Reveal Real Reason Kody Brown Ignores Ysabel

However, this doesn’t really explain why he denied accompanying her to the college. In an attempt to find out some answers, a Reddit user took to the Sister Wives subreddit asking, “I might have missed this- but was it ever explained why Kody isn’t helping move Ysabel to college? Clearly, it’s nothing to do with covid (his usual excuse) as he’s just driven to officiate a wedding.”

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Answering the query another user wrote, “He gave excuses such as not being able to be away from the smaller kids for any amount of time. This includes Sol and Ari. It does NOT include Truely who is only a year older than Sol, but whom Kody feels does not need him in her life at all.”

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The user further clarified how Kody is an absent father in Truely’s life as she didn’t even notice that he had moved out. Somehow, Ariella and Solomon cannot stay mere days without him.

Does Kody Seek Attention Ignoring His Fatherly Duties?

However, this has more to do with Kody’s love for attention as opposed to his fatherly duties. He justifies officiating a wedding that requires him to stay away from his children for four days. Yet, when it comes to helping out her children that aren’t spawned by Robyn, he takes a U-turn.

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Do you think Kody is partial towards his kids with Robyn? Plus, why do you think he denied accompanying Ysabel to her college? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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