‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Thrilled To See Ryan Long In Least Likely Place

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Jeopardy! fans are thrilled to see Ryan Long in the least likely place. The champ popped up during the celebrity spinoff. The former Uber driver shared a clue during Sunday’s episode. Ryan didn’t wear his trademark purple shirt or lucky charm necklace.

In fact, he looked nothing like the player who had won $300k in June. Ryan rode behind his car as he presented his own category of clues. The champ has become so iconic that he had his own category during the primetime spinoff. Read on to learn more and to see what the fans had to say.

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Former Jeopardy! champ hosted his own category

On Sunday, October 23rd broadcast of Celebrity Jeopardy!, the champ chilled out in his ride. Ryan Long wore a green Philadelphia Eagles jersey. He looked cool as a cucumber as he gave the clues to his own category. Viewers were impressed and happy to see him on the celebrity spinoff series.

Host Mayim Bialik introduced him to the contestants and viewers at home. Ryan Long made an impression on fans during his long run in Season 38 of Jeopardy!. She revealed: “Around Philly with Ryan Long. Here’s Ryan!”

Ryan showed off his new goatee and shaved head. Some fans may not have recognized him because of his new look. He drove around his hometown as he shared the clues. He was given viewers the sights and sounds of Philadelphia.

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“Housed in its own center, this American icon is a must-see in Philly,” Ryan Long said.

The answer to that clue was the Liberty Bell. In another clue, Ryan said: “It’s important to sample the local cuisine. We’ll go to Pat’s which says it’s created this Philly sandwich then across the street to Ginos, a formidable competitor.”

On Twitter, Ryan Long admitted that he was “nervous” about his appearance. He wasn’t sure that they would actually feature it in the episode. Ryan thanked the game show for having him host the category. This was a shock for those who weren’t watching the regular episodes of Jeopardy!

Fans gush over Ryan Long’s appearance

Jeopardy! fans rushed to Ryan Long’s tweet to share their reaction to the segment. They couldn’t stop gushing over his unexpected appearance. They assured him that he did a great job even if he was nervous. Some loved that he even showed the little parts of Philadelphia that make it so great.

  • “You looked like a natural, way to go!”
  • “Loved that it was shot in your car!”
  • “You were awesome! Even threw in a little of the accent that I can’t shake either. You can take the boy outta Philly, but not the Philly outta the boy.”

In the latest episode of Celebrity Jeopardy!, Pitch Perfect star John Michael Higgins beat out comedian Matt Rogers and actress Aisha Tyler. What are your thoughts on Ryan Long’s appearance? Were you happy to see him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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