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‘DWTS’ Michael Buble Disgusts Fans With Distasteful Comment

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Michael Buble disgusted fans with his distasteful comment. On Monday, October 24, Dancing with the Stars dedicated an entire night to the singer and his music. Michael also served as a guest judge. He was one of the kindest celebrity judges that the show ever had.

However, there was one comment that turned fans off. Some of them are repulsed and in shock over what Michael said about one of the contestants. Read on to learn more about Michael’s inappropriate comment and to see the fan reaction.

Michael Buble Performs On DWTS [Disney Plus]
[Disney Plus]

Michael Buble’s distasteful about Charli D’Amelio?

Charli D’Amelio and her dance partner Mark Ballas impressed the judges with their foxtrot routine. Things turned awkward when Michael Buble made an inappropriate comment about the 18-year-old.  The pair did a foxtrot dance to Michael’s cover of the hit song “Fever.” The 47-year-old singer grossed out viewers with the three words he wrote on his notepad.

“I’m not telling you this, Charli, because I want you to love me like you like Len,” Michael Buble joked, referring to Charli’s package in which she spoke highly of Len. “But, I actually wrote this down… effortless, mesmerizing, and expressively erotic.”

Charli & Mark Dance To Michael Buble's Fever [Disney Plus]
[Disney Plus]
This received an awkward reaction from Charli and Mark. She gave a funny expression as Mark clasped his hands in prayer and gave a slight bow. They surely didn’t expect that last comment and neither did the viewers. Most of them were uncomfortable over Michael Buble’s remark about the underage star.

DWTS fans flocked to Twitter during that moment. Most of them called out the singer for being inappropriate. Some were just confused. Others wished they could take back what Michael said about Charli.

Charli & Mark Get Judges' Critique [Disney Plus]
[Disney Plus]
  • “Michael Buble calling Charli’s foxtrot erotic was hella weird. Like, what about that was erotic?”
  • “Why are they making so many inappropriate comments?”
  • “Why did Michael Buble just use the word ‘erotic’ in regard to an 18-year-old girl?”
  • “Michael Buble called Charli D’Amelio’s dance erotic and that’s just gonna haunt my dreams for the rest of my days.”

Tyra Banks also made an inappropriate comment

Michael Buble wasn’t the only one who made an inappropriate comment on the show. Just last month, host Tyra Banks made an awkward comment to the social media star. Tyra has been under fire for her awkward comments and blunders. The America’s Next Top Model alum upset fans when she addressed Charli’s neck in a previous episode.

Michael Buble Serves As Guest Judge [Disney Plus]
[Disney Plus]
At the time, Charli and Mark performed their quickstep to “Bossa Nova Baby.” Tyra used the moment to comment on Charli’s neck and say she has “the most beautiful neck in the world.” Tyra saw it as a compliment since the judges corrected her neck. Yet, the fans thought it was inappropriate.

What are your thoughts on Michael Buble’s comment about Charli? Did you catch it? Do you agree that it was inappropriate? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I saw him in concert a few weeks ago and was disappointed in all of his inappropriate and foul comments. He is damaging his reputation (maybe unearned) as a class act. Too full of himself!

  2. You guys act like he said this to a 13 yr old little girl. She’s 18, beautiful and sexy. I love the regular cast and always love the way they express themselves individually. Bruno on a regular basis makes MUCH more suggestive comments to contestants and pros alike. And we ALL (meaning us fans) love him more with each “flirty” and “suggestive” comment. Buble’s comment was just that, a comment… He was commenting as a judge to the dance she had just done. Where it was obvious she was trying to be erotic. So, please get some perspective people.

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