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Proof Robyn Brown’s Wild Eyebrows Are Intentional Surfaces

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown’s eyebrows have been the center of attention for some time now. Fans have mentioned that they are quite a distraction while watching the show. Many have also tried to figure out if they are professionally done or not with the idea of microblading being thrown around. Now, a photo of a very sick Robyn is going around and it shows her real brows. A Reddit thread has been started to discuss the difference between natural Robyn and done-up Mrs. Brown. Read on for more details and to see the photo.

Robyn Brown’s Natural Brows Finally Seen

They have been compared to tomahawks among other things but not Robyn has been captured au natural. In the mid-season trailer, the mother of five has come down with Covid. It is a terrifying time for her husband, Kody as he is not sure if she will make it or not. During this, she is not wearing a lick of makeup. That is when fans get to see her without her signature dark eyebrows. They are actually very light but nice proving that she is choosing to cake on brow liner. A Reddit thread was started to discuss the fact that she has been hiding normal brows all of this time.

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“Soo she does that to herself. On purpose. By choice. It’s a conscious decision to have eyebrows that look that bad,” the thread started. Another added: “I’m shook. I assumed they were tattooed and that’s why she never changed them.” Someone joked that they thought it was one of her daughter, Ariella’s art projects. Others actually thought she looked much better not all done up as well as much younger. They just think she needs to ditch the heavy brow kit.

Will She Be Okay?

Clearly, if Robyn Brown had passed, everyone would have found out. Furthermore, she would not have been out dancing with Kody a few months back. It will be interesting to find out how she caught the virus as she and Kody claim that they have been the safest. That being said, in the latest episode, Kody risked it all to leave town to officiate a friend’s wedding. He was standing extremely close to the groom. This made Christine livid knowing he could do this but not be there for Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery.

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So far, Janelle and her children Savanah, Gabe, and Garrison have caught Covid on the show. Kody does eventually get it but there is no telling when. Plus Robyn’s nanny and her husband were the first to have it and give the Brown family the big scare. Maybe Robyn will finally see she does not need all of that makeup to look nice.

What do you think of Robyn Brown’s natural look? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I have always thought it was a mistake to bring Robyn into the picture I didn’t like her from day 1 couldn’t quite figure it out. Now I know she loves to destroy life’s to get what she wants. Her yet brows are just out of this world jyst like when she 😢 over everything I have to look away when she 😢 it’s so not good . thanks

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