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’SW’ Fans Still Can’t Stand Robyn Brown’s Eyebrows

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For some reason, Robyn Brown’s eyebrows have been a side character on Sister Wives. Fans cannot stop talking about how poorly done they are. More so, they are overpowering and need to be refined. They have been compared to a bevy of things including a tomahawk. Despite all of the drama and heartache Season 17 has brought, the real struggle is with Robyn’s brows. Fans took to Reddit to hash out their issues with this continuous makeup mishap.

Robyn Brown’s Brows Are ‘Distracting’

Fans have long questioned both Meri and Robyn’s make-up, especially their overdone, dark eyebrows. Even Christine’s daughter Mykelti Padron has been called out for overdoing her brows. With Season 17 now underway, there is a lot going on but fans are still distracted by Robyn. They took to Reddit to express how they felt and it started a very interesting thread. “Robyn’s eyebrows. I can’t stand that they look like two cake spatulas…. Soooo distracting,” the thread started.

Robyn Brown/YouTube

Someone followed that up with: “I was just thinking about this. Like does no one tell her they look like sh**??” Another added that they believe she may have had them micro-bladed but due to the pandemic, resorted to pencil. Finally, a fellow Redditor shared: “I had to look up what micro blading is. I thought they were tattoos. At least the micro blading isn’t permanent which is good for Robyn. I have a feeling whatever it is that it did not turn out as she envisioned.”

A Messy History

Robyn Brown’s sister wife, Meri was first called out on her Instagram for overdoing the makeup. However, she clapped back and just went on with her life. She does, however, block anyone who has anything negative to say toward her, which has become a problem. Robyn, for her part, stays away from social media and rarely posts anything. Her last Instagram posting was in March 2019 and her last tweet was in April 2021. Therefore, she is not a part of the hate surrounding her looks.

Robyn Brown/YouTube

It is not just her brows that are garnering criticism. Robyn has been scrutinized for having rude children after taking her daughters to see Janelle’s new RV. They were making inappropriate comments and making it seem like it was the worst place to be. Fans did not take kindly to the entitlement especially since Janelle’s teenage daughter lives in the RV, too. It seems she has a lot of work to do this season and maybe, the easiest fix is some new brows.

Have you been distracted by her eyebrows more so this season? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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