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Robyn Brown Wanted God To Make Christine Stay With Kody

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Robyn Brown seems to be the most bothered by Christine leaving Kody. Sister Wives fans find it a bit baffling as everyone believes Robyn has her claws deep in Kody as she wants him all to herself. Likewise, it is no secret that Christine isn’t close to Robyn or Meri. So, fans just don’t understand why Robyn is so openly bothered by the way things are playing out.

In a new preview for an upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown admits she’s living in a bit of a fantasy world with Kody where she hopes Christine will wake up and realize she doesn’t want to leave. Looking around during the family function in the clip, Robyn Brown points out how beautiful and loving this big family they’ve created is. And, she just doesn’t understand why Christine wants to leave.

Ultimately, Robyn Brown admits to the cameras she is still holding onto hope. She hopes that God will perform a miracle for her family. A miracle that involves Christine Brown changing her mind and making the decision to say with the family.

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Robyn Brown believes Christine is making a mistake

Last week, Robyn Brown reminded the cameras that she is a divorced woman. She got a divorce when she was married with three children. She explained the divorce was really hard and it remains hard. It’s been a long time since she got divorced, but her children still struggle with it. Robyn proceeded to point out that her divorce is tiny compared to Christine leaving Kody. In leaving Kody, Christine is also leaving her three sister wives and all of the children she shared with them.

Like Robyn, Meri Brown agrees Christine is making a mistake. Meri believes divorce shouldn’t be on the table in a plural marriage because it isn’t as simple as just leaving her husband. She’s leaving tons of people. And, she’s abandoning the children she’s leaving behind.

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Christine Brown has very openly admitted she’s not close to Meri and Robyn. And, she suspects her lack of relationships will just continue following the divorce. While Janelle Brown is also unhappy about the decision, Christine and Janelle continue to have a strong relationship as they’ve always been great friends.

Do you understand why Robyn Brown is fighting so hard for Christine to stay with Kody? Do you think her fight for Christine is real or is it just scripted for the show? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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