Kody Brown References ‘Manosphere,’ What Is It?

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Kody Brown has a habit of mansplaining himself to a point of no return. He also does not always know what he is talking about. This was the situation when he was discussing custody with his estranged third wife, Christine. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, the two were chatting about what to do with her home. The subject of their youngest daughter Truely came up. Due to the fact that Kody and Christine were never legally married, they are unsure as to how custody would work out. Then, he brought up the ‘manosphere’ and everyone’s heads started scratching. What did he mean by that and does it hold any water?

Kody Brown & His ‘Manosphere’

So, Kody and Christine are talking about custody of Truely. He has absolutely no idea what to do at this point so he is literally grasping for straws. In his confessional, he claims that there is a thing in the ‘manosphere’ that states if you get divorced, you are getting “screwed.” He just pulled out this hypothetical rule book and tried to play by it to get what he wanted from Christine. Kody also claimed that if they do not do things properly, Truely can be taken by the state. What is he even talking about?

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Upon looking up this word, there are many similar definitions. Essentially, it is a men’s rights movement but can go much deeper. The ‘manosphere’ can promote misogyny and opposition to feminism, according to Wikipedia. A Reddit thread was soon started after Kody had this conversation to discuss the situation and viewers were shocked. “We need more people beyond the sisterwives commenting on the divorce. Kody makes no sense and each time he talks, it’s very clear that he thinks he’s a god and at the same time is losing his mind,” one person noted.

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Another added: “Funny that he would rely on the “manosphere” for father’s rights advice instead of looking up custodial rights the gov of AZ publishes online.” This same person then linked everything one would need in Arizona to understand child support issues. It is clear that Kody needs to be educated on a lot and this is one situation where he is coming off really bad.

Where He Stands

It seems Kody Brown did not invest all that much in anything when it came to child support. From what fans have seen, Christine has been the one making an effort to get Truely to Flagstaff. Kody has rarely done or said anything in regard to Truely’s accomplishments since she started middle school. However, he has said on a few occasions that he would be setting up a room for his youngest daughter with Christine. Hopefully, he is actually being proactive with that.

Do you think Kody Brown should consult an actual lawyer and not the ‘manosphere’ when it comes to custody? Have you ever heard of this term prior to today? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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