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TLC May Not Entertain Christine Brown Spin-Off & Here’s Why

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Turns out, TLC may not be as onboard for a Christine Brown spin-off as Sister Wives fans are. And, it has nothing to do with Christine because she’s already admitted she was more than willing to do a spin-off if the network was open to it. Why is a look into Christine’s life after leaving Kody not something TLC may be interested in?

TLC may not want a Christine Brown spin-off, why?

It is no secret that Sister Wives fans are here for the possibility of a Christine Brown spin-off. Fans would love to see what it looks like for a woman to go from living in a plural marriage to being single. After all, Christine did not just divorce Kody. She also divorced Janelle, Meri, and Robyn. Fans are fascinated by this and want to know what it looks like. Christine Brown has also admitted during a recent interview that she would be all in on a spin-off if the opportunity presented itself. In fact, she approached the idea with a “let’s go” attitude.

Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown Instagram

There, however, are a few reasons why this spin-off may not be something TLC wants. For starters, there just may not be a need for one. Christine has also explained that as long as Sister Wives continues to air, she will continue to be a part of it. During a recent interview, she explained that she made a promise to her family when they decided to do this show. And, she would not be going back on that promise. If Christine Brown is still going to be part of the show, a spin-off is rendered unnecessary.

The network enjoys messy drama

It is no secret that TLC lives for filming messy drama. A spin-off series on how happy and perfect Christine Brown’s new life is simply doesn’t mesh well with the types of things the network typically shows. The unfortunate truth is viewers don’t run to Reddit and Twitter to discuss the happy feel-good moments. The reason people watch reality TV is because they enjoy watching the drama unfold.

At the moment, Christine Brown is doing Sister Wives and she has her Just Christine cooking show. So, it isn’t very likely that TLC would want to pursue a third series with her. And, at the end of the day, the lack of drama just isn’t good for views.

Christine Brown from TLC

Do you understand why a Christine Brown spin-off might not be something TLC is interested in? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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