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Christine Brown Weighs In On Leaving Plural Marriage Spin-Off

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Christine Brown reassured fans that Sister Wives would not continue without her. She had no intention of leaving the show. Christine explained that being on the show was something the family agreed on together. And, leaving the show while the family continued to film would feel as though she was being disloyal to them. So, no one needed to worry about watching the series without her in it.

Fans, however, wonder if she would be interested in a spin-off focusing on her life after exiting a plural marriage and leaving Kody. What was single and simple Christine Brown’s life look like?

During an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christine Brown was happy to weigh in on the possibility of a spin-off focused on her living a life as a single woman who left a plural marriage. What did Christine have to say? Keep reading.

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Christine Brown weighs in on another TLC spin-off

As fans of the TLC personality know, Christine Brown technically has a spin-off already. She landed a cooking show called Cooking With Just Christine. News of the cooking show broke shortly after news of news that she and Kody were no longer together. Sister Wives fans agreed it felt like TLC’s way of picking a side in the divorce. And, fans were here for any spin-off that focused on Christine as they praised her decision to leave Kody.

After reassuring that she had no plans of leaving Sister Wives, Christine admitted she was all for a spin-off focusing on her life now if that was something TLC wanted to explore. Christine Brown continues to describe her life as “simple” and “easy.” She admits she enjoys the perks of being single. During the interview, she highlighted how much she enjoys being able to just do what she wants when she wants without having to get her partner’s opinion on it first.

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Spin-off is not in the works yet, fans are here for it

Presently, it does not sound like there are any plans for a spin-off. It, however, sounds like it is something Christine Brown wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for. Likewise, fans of Sister Wives have made it very clear they would tune in to watch a spin-off focused on Christine’s life after Kody in a heartbeat.

Would you tune in to a spin-off focused on Christine’s life after she left Kody? Let us know in the comments down below if you think this is something TLC should explore.

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