Janelle Brown Walks Away From Kody & Wives, Is It Over?

Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Sister Wives

In a midseason Sister Wives trailer, fans watch as Janelle Brown gets up and walks away from Kody (along with her sister wives Meri and Robyn). Kody Brown sternly warns his wife that walking away at that moment would be a big mistake. His warning rolls off her back as she continues to pull away from Kody, Meri, and Robyn. The intense moment leaves Sister Wives fans with one question: Is it over? Is Janelle Brown leaving Kody too?

Janelle Brown walks away from Kody, is it over?

A few different scenes in the midseason trailer for Sister Wives reveals Christine’s exit has left the family in shambles. Kody Brown is looking for comfort and he’s disappointed in the support he’s getting from his wives. In one scene, Kody and Janelle get into a heated conversation. Kody leans into Janelle’s personal space and proceeds to talk down to her. He points out that they haven’t acted like a married couple in a very long time.

Sister Wives - TLC
Sister Wives – TLC

During a family meeting in a different scene, Kody Brown calls Janelle out in front of Meri and Robyn for not being supportive of him as he goes through this dark time following Christine leaving the family. Janelle’s face makes it clear she isn’t interested in listening to Kody play the victim. Kody attempts to throw guilt in Janelle’s direction noting he’s always been there for her during her struggles.

It was at this point in time that Janelle is DONE with the conversation. She gets up and proceeds to walk away out of frustration with her husband. Robyn and Meri sit in awkward silence as they watch Kody and Janelle feud. Kody issues one stern warning urging Janelle to turn around and sit down. He says it is not the time for her to be walking away. Unphased by his warning, the scene shows Janelle continuing to walk away.

Sister Wives - TLC
Sister Wives – TLC

Talking during a confessional, Janelle Brown believes her independence is something that scares Kody. She, however, adds that if he can’t find a way to get comfortable with her independence, she is going to be the next wife out the door.

Is this the beginning of the end of Janelle and Kody Brown? Is she going to follow Christine out the door of this family? Head over to People Magazine to check out this explosive trailer and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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  1. I for one am proud of janelle and hope she keeps walking. She doesnt need that scum bag. She will be better off without him. GOD BLESS YOU JANALLE

  2. Love that Janelle walked away. That pos doesn’t deserve her. What has he ever done to help her? So he helped move her trailer. She could have hired a good looking, real man to do that.
    He is so full of himself he has no room for a real woman.
    Hope she keeps walking away!!!’n

    1. Amen!!! Totally cuz he has never done anything for his wives except for Robin the sacrifices he made to love Christine? prove it.!! and all the other bull so what if she gets up and walks away

  3. I just don’t see what these women see in Kody! He’s always playing the victim! I hope they all walk out on him.

  4. I hope Janelle keeps on walking. She is such a wonderful woman. She can survive on her own! Janelle you can do it! You have so much love for your children and you deserve a special man that would put you on a pedestal and treat you like a women should be treated. Kody is just a born lazy POS that thinks he can control everyone and everything.
    Janelle do yourself a big favor and leave Kody and enjoy your life with your kids and don’t look back….

  5. Get rid of Kody and Robyn !!!!! Start another show without those two called “Life after Polygamy” I’m so sick of Kody and Robyn that I quit watching the show! I keep up with Christine and Janelle and their kids on social media. I’m not the only one that feel this way !!!

  6. It’s all a show!! it brings a litte drama and we get excited and we believe it.In a couple of weeks there will be more excitement util the series stos.

    1. I don’t know if it’s excitement—It’s more along the lines of I hate you you suck. Cody take a long walk off a short pier such a pig. They need to tell us what’s going to happen and not leave us hanging. On a teaser trailer. Thank God for Christine spoiling some of it I freaking hate teasers

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