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‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe’s New Venture Hints At Show’s End?

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Alarmed by American Pickersplummeting rating, is Mike Wolfe planning something new for his future? Mike is now the owner of a secret business that might suggest a possible cancellation on the page for the History Channel series. For nearly a month, the reality show hasn’t aired any new episodes after the latest episodes failed to bring good ratings. What is this new business owned by Mike Wolfe? Keep reading for more details!

Mike Wolfe Expands His Business With A New Vacation Rental

Mike Wolfe owns Antique Archaeology which allows shoppers to purchase vintage items, unique home décor, and collectibles. The shop is located in Davenport, St LeClaire, and Nashville. But, he owns another new venture that might be a hint that his long-running series will soon come to an end. As revealed exclusively by The Sun, Mike is now an owner of Two Lanes Guesthouse. It is a loft vacation rental located in Columbia, Tennessee.

Mike Wolfe YouTube

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This one-bedroom loft is located in a two-story brick building from 1857 which is just above a bicycle shop. The 1100-square-foot loft is filled with picks from the American Pickers show.

Mike Wolfe YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The rental’s description reads:

“Guests will appreciate how Mike has integrated items of different vintages and locales to create one cohesive look. The incorporation of natural pieces, like antlers and bison sculpture, partners well with the more Industrial rusted picks. Intentionally placed vintage signs delineate and organize spaces like the hand-painted, wooden sign outside the bedroom which reads ‘Rooms for Tourists’ or the double-sided turquoise ‘City Cafe’ sign picked in Alabama and now hanging over the kitchen island.”

Mike Wolfe’s Two Lanes Also Features An Apparel Line

Mike describes the rental as a space that allows visitors to experience the charms of staying on the Main Street of a small town. “One of my favorite things is to look outside the 13-foot windows at the 1905 courthouse and hear the clock in the tower on top of it chime every hour,” he explains.

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The rental is available for $200 per night from Monday to Thursday while the tariff for Friday to Sunday is $275 per night. However, during holidays, the space will cost renters $4254 per night. However, this isn’t the only business Mike owns. His company, Two Lanes also operates an apparel line where they sell shirts for $30 and hats for $24 along with several other merchandises.

Mike’s Sister Beth Is In Charge of Village Bike

Other businesses owned by the 58-year-old include Wolfe’s Village Bike located in Eldridge, Iowa. Here he used to teach bicycle safety and history. Although the business is still active, it is being operated by his sister Beth as the company’s agent.

Mike Wolfe YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Mike is expanding his business anticipating the end of American Pickers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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