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New Episodes Of ‘American Pickers’ Continue To Elude Fans, Why?

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American Pickers fans are confused by this season. They don’t know when the next episode will air. For the third week in a row, there hasn’t been a new episode as the ratings continue to fall. This doesn’t bode well for the series that once commanded attention on the History Channel.

Viewers have been outspoken about their hate for the changes associated with the show. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the direction could lead to its demise. The last two seasons of the show have been without the fan-favorite Frank Fritz. Mike replaced him with his brother Robbie and fans haven’t been happy since.

Mike Wolfe Drives Van [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]

What happened to American Pickers?

A new episode of American Pickers was supposed to air on Saturday, October 8 in its new timeslot. However, the network has been making changes to the show. First, they temporarily changed their timeslot from 8:00 pm EST to 9:00 pm EST. Next, they didn’t air a new episode during Labor Day weekend.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the History Channel aired reruns of Ancient Aliens in its place. Once again, the network didn’t air a new episode of American Pickers. Once again, they aired another throwback of the popular alien show. Frustrated fans took to the show’s official Facebook page to get answers.

  • “Why are they playing or repeating old shows on the History Channel? Some weeks the new season of AP does not even show up! Disappointing!”
  • “We are ready for new episodes. No one wants to watch aliens.”
  • “No more please of this show. Ratings are too low. End it in November… This TV show does not [need to] be on the air.”

It’s possible that the network didn’t air a new episode because they’re mourning the loss of their friend Bob Petersen. Mike Wolfe expressed his condolences on social media. Just a week ago, The History Channel aired a rerun of Ancient Aliens. The week before that, the network aired Episode 2 of a three-part series titled The Cars That Made America.

Ratings for American Pickers decline

These programming changes are obviously hurting the show. The Saturday, September 17 episode only attracted 762,000 viewers. The network is realizing that the show is no l longer a hot commodity. However, there is interest as some fans still want to watch the new episodes.

American Pickers returned on July 9 from its hiatus. Since then, it’s been on a steep decline. The show has tried to get back its viewers by airing an old clip featuring Frank Fritz. He won’t be returning to the series as he’s still recovering from a massive stroke. He was put under a conservatorship by his friend.

Fans boycotted American Pickers ever since Frank was fired. They think Robbie is too boring for the show. What are your thoughts on this season of American Pickers? Do you think it’s the end? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on American Pickers.

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