Network Replaces ‘American Pickers’ With Alien Show, Why?

American Pickers - YouTube

American Pickers fans were bummed when a new episode of the series didn’t air last week. Instead, the HISTORY channel aired part two of a three-part special called The Cars That Made America. Unfortunately, viewers are in for even more disappointment when they tune in on Saturday, October 1st to check out a new episode of the show only to find out a new episode of American Pickers is not airing this week either.

Why isn’t a new episode of American Pickers airing this week? Did the HISTORY channel pull the plug on the show? Are they just behind with filming new episodes? Here’s what fans know.

American Pickers ratings has gone down the tubes

Firing Frank Fritz from American Pickers may have been the beginning of the end for this HISTORY channel series. As TvShowsAce has reported a few different times, the ratings of the show has continued to plummet since Frank was axed from the cast. Mike Wolfe, his brother Robbie, and Danielle Colby have struggled to hold the interest of viewers since Frank’s exit.

As TvShowsAce reported last week, the new episode of American Pickers that aired on September 17 netted a measly 762,000 viewers. Turns out, this is the lowest number the network has seen since the series returned for a new season on July 9th.

American Pickers - YouTube
American Pickers – YouTube

At this point, there are major concerns the network could pull the plug and cancel the series. Not airing a new episode for a second week in a row, only added more fuel to those concerns.

Why isn’t a new episode of the series on this week?

The HISTORY channel is airing reruns of a show called Ancient Aliens in the time slot new episodes of American Pickers normally air. Likewise, it is unclear if a new episode of American Pickers is scheduled to air next weekend either. A quick Google search of the episode guide for Season 23 of American Pickers claims Episode 31 titled, “Movie Making Magic” is scheduled to air on Sunday, October 9th.

The line-up on the HISTORY channel’s TV schedule, however, does not list Season 23, Episode 31 titled, “Movie Making Magic” as airing on Sunday, October 9th. The line-up does have reruns of the show airing all afternoon on Sunday. The line-up includes a cluster of episodes from several different seasons.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a good reason (at least one that has been made public) as to why the network is repeatedly not airing new episodes of American Pickers. Most viewers suspect the network is trying to decide what to do with the series as ratings continue to drop.


Do you think this series is at risk of getting canceled? Are you bummed a new episode didn’t air again this weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more American Pickers news.

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