‘American Pickers’ Ratings Plummet Without Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz on 'American Pickers' - YouTube/HISTORY

American Pickers ratings have taken a serious hit after the firing of Frank Fritz. Now, it has been announced that the network plans to skip airing this week’s episode. Is this the end of the long-running television program? Keep reading to find out.

Frank Fritz Suffers A Health Crisis

In July, American Pickers Frank Fritz was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. His friend found him on the floor in his home in Iowa and placed a call to 911. Frank’s father, Bill Fritz, reached out to The Sun to confirm that his son was in “stable condition.”

Another insider told the Quad City Times that Frank was reportedly upset that his health status was leaked to the press. Despite that, he is in good spirits and continues to improve daily.

Costar Mike Wolfe acknowledged that there have been rumors about his relationship with Frank, but he did not want to address those things currently. “Now is the time to pray for my friend. Frank has suffered a stroke and is in the hospital,” he said in a statement.

Mike Wolfe on 'American Pickers' - YouTube/HISTORY

Credit: YouTube/HISTORY

Fans were quick to call Mike out for being fake, stating that the two had never been friends. The pair have been feuding publicly for years.

After undergoing back surgery and being fired from the show, Frank was feeling a bit messed up. Mike never reached out and Frank took that to heart. Now their feud and the network’s decision to nix Frank from the show has fans up in arms, and it is killing American Pickers ratings. 

Fans Boycott American Pickers After Firing Fritz

Since firing Frank, producers have tried to fill the void on the show with Robbie Wolfe. However, fans have made it well-known how they feel about Robbie. While they believe he’s probably a nice guy, most viewers find him boring to watch. “The show needs Frank, Mike & Dani. Stop changing it,” one fan wrote.

Many people have called for the network to bring Frank back and, until they do, they’ve decided to boycott the show altogether. This has forced ratings into the gutter. A number of people have said that they refuse to watch the new episode unless Frank is present.

Frank Fritz on 'American Pickers' - YouTube/HISTORY

Credit: YouTube/HISTORY

While viewers expected episode 30 of season 23 tomorrow, the network revealed that it would not be airing a new episode of American Pickers this week. This follows the lowest rated episode to air in the show’s history on September 17.

It is possible that they may scale down future episodes due to the declining popularity of the show. For now, fans can expect the next episode of American Pickers to air on Sunday, October 9 at 9 p.m. on the History Channel.

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