Danielle Colby On American Pickers [History Channel | YouTube]

‘American Pickers’ Danielle Colby Hints About Challenges

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American Pickers star Danielle Colby hinted about challenges in her latest Instagram post. She sparked concern among fans when she shared a new cryptic message. She admits that it’s been a difficult time being away from home. Read on to learn what’s up with Danielle and what she’s talking about.

American Pickers continues to lose viewers

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, American Pickers hit an all-time low amid the decline in ratings. Despite the latest changes and last-ditch attempts, the History Channel series fails to boost ratings. The show has been on a steep decline after Frank Fritz’s firing.

Mike Wolfe has adjusted to becoming the new star of the show alongside his brother Robbie. Danielle Colby is also one of the last remaining cast members. However, the trio has struggled to attract viewers every Saturday night. The September 17 episode only attracted 762,000 ratings. It’s the lowest-rated episode since the Season 24 premiere on July 9.

Danielle Colby On American Pickers [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]
The network has done everything in its power to bring viewers back. It’s even re-aired old episodes that star Frank Fritz. It hasn’t worked on the smart fans who are aware that they’re airing repeats ahead of the new episodes. Some wondered if Danielle Colby was still part of the cast, but she continues to film with the new.

However, she admitted that she’s now away from home. Danielle opened up about the “challenges” she’s faced amid the news. The reality star shared a cryptic caption on her Instagram feed. Soon enough, fans found out what happened to Danielle and what she’s doing now.

Danielle Colby [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]

Danielle Colby talks about “challenges” on Instagram

Danielle Colby admitted that she’s dealing with “challenges” lately. She flew out of Iowa to return to her second home in Puerto Rico, which was devastated once again by Hurricane Fiona. Her official website shared an update on her recent travels:

“Danielle currently spends her free time in Puerto Rico, continuing to aid in the rebuild of the Island while dedicating her time to orphanages, animal shelters, and raising awareness on the human trafficking crisis.”

Meanwhile, she took to Instagram to express herself. On Thursday, September 22, she shared a photo of herself on the beach. Her trip has been far from fun. In her caption, Danielle talked about the things she’s seen on the island.

Danielle Colby's Instagram Post [Danielle Colby | Instagram]
[Danielle Colby | Instagram]
“It has been so challenging being away from home this long and knowing that Hurricane Fiona has destroyed so much and impacted our loved ones,” Danielle Colby wrote. “Stay kind to each other and remember to lead with love.”

She’s asking for kindness among the fans. Danielle may also be sharing this message with her co-stars. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Mike sold his line of T-shirts that read: “Bring Back Frank!” at his antique store in Iowa. Fans have been wanting the fan favorite to come back.

What are your thoughts on Danielle Colby’s latest Instagram post? What do you think of American Pickers? Do you think it’ll last? Sound off below in the comment section.

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