‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Shows Unity Amid Dire Ratings

Mike Wolfe [CBS Sunday Morning | YouTube]

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is showing unity amid the dire ratings. He took to Instagram to share a rare photo of himself with his girlfriend Leticia Cline. The two are often private when it comes to showing off their relationship. In the new photos, Mike looked happy despite the news about the show.

Ratings have been dropping and they’re dropping more than ever. Fans wonder about the future of American Pickers especially since fan favorite Frank Fritz won’t be able to return. He’s unable to work since he’s been placed under a conservatorship. His health issues have taken a hit since he suffered a massive stroke in July.

Mike Wolfe On American Pickers [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]

Mike Wolfe shares rare photos of his life

This past weekend, Mike Wolfe took to his Instagram Story to share rare photos of his life. The 58-year-old showed himself in the recording studio with his young model girlfriend Leticia Cline. The former Playboy model wore a chambray shirt and hat with khaki pants.

She sat at the recording booth while Mike tried it out. He wore a black polo short-sleeve shirt. He moved some of the switches. In his post, Mike revealed that they were at the Fame Recording Studios. In another photo, Mike cuddled up to Leticia as they posed with his friends.

Leticia Cline & Mike Wolfe [Mike Wolfe | Instagram Stories]
[Mike Wolfe | Instagram Stories]
She shared the photo on her respective Instagram Story. The couple likes to keep their relationship on the down low. They were first spotted together in August 2021. Since then, they have shared rare photos of their life together.

It’s always a treat when fans get to see Mike Wolfe with the 44-year-old girlfriend. She shared many career moves during their time together. The Beauty and the Geek alum announced that she’s running for mayor of her hometown, Cave City, Kentucky. Earlier this year, Leticia teased her own reality series, which is inspired by her small-town upbringing.

American Pickers ratings continue to dip

This latest display of unity comes as the ratings for American Pickers continue to dip. Fans aren’t tuning in anymore like they used to. Plus, the History Channel keeps making changes with the show, like moving it to a new timeslot or not airing new episodes. Mike Wolfe has dealt with a lot because of the faltering show.

Mike Wolfe & Leticia Cline With Friends [Leticia Cline | Instagram]
[Leticia Cline | Instagram]
Fans boycotted the long-running series ever since Frank got fired. Mike replaced him with his brother Robbie. It’s no secret that Mike and Frank were in a feud, which could’ve led to his firing. Fans wanted Frank back on the show, but that may not happen because of his ongoing health problems.

What are your thoughts on Mike Wolfe’s latest Instagram posts? Do you like seeing this side of himself on social media? What do you think of his relationship with Leticia? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I was hoping things would work out. But with the way things went down and Franks health that is not possible now. I would like to see American Pickers cancelled.

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