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Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Welcomes Trouble With Upcoming Season 5

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As the nation mourns the Late Queen Elizabeth II, Netflix’s The Crown has sparked fury by highlighting a narrative that shows the royal family as devious serpents. With Season 5 slated to premiere on November 9, the series will dig into the depths of painful and embarrassing events from the Royal family. These events are from 1990 to 1997 era.

Netflix’s The Crown Features Several Conspiracy Theories

However, what might cause issues for the series is the fact that it also adds several events to the storyline that is completely based on wild claims, pure imagination, and conspiracy theories. Not just that, the portrayal of these events would add pressure on former members of the Royal family. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have struck a deal with Netflix for their very own TV show. So, the inclusion of these narratives might affect their series’ future as well.

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There are several storylines in the series that have been bashed by a royal source as “trolling on a Hollywood budget.”

The Crown Highlights The Queen’s Failure As A Parent

Back in 1992, the royals were embarrassed by the publication of images of the Duchess of York’s carnal antics behind her husband’s back. On the Netflix show, this leads to a discussion between Prince Charles played by Dominic West, and the Queen played by Imelda Staunton. As per The Sun, they discuss Her Majesty’s children and the relationship between them.

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In this scene, the future King snaps at his mother and says,

“If we were an ordinary family and social services came to visit, they would have thrown us into care and you into jail.”

Further in the series, the Queen admits to her failure as a parent citing her children’s dwindling relationships.

Netflix Series Reveals Intimate Royal Family Chats

The series also highlights the intimate chats that happen between the now Queen Consort and the future King. In the chat, he said that he wants to be reincarnated as a tampon so he could live inside her. However, this isn’t the end of it. Season 5 features a scandalous conversation between Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles that makes the tampon chat seem tamer in comparison.

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The Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned in 1994 by John Major, the then Prime Minister. This was when the Queen was seen in a rare emotional moment. However, instead of pitching in efforts to save the vessel, Prince Charles was seen suggesting otherwise. In a conversation with Major portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller, he says, “It’s just a boat.”

“She’s so obviously past her best,” he adds to his opinion which sounded like a slur on his own mother.

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However, there isn’t any proof whether Prince Charles really had an opinion on the Royal Yacht Britannia being decommissioned.

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