Adam Busby Lets ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans In On His Secret

Adam Busby Instagram, OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby let his followers in on a little secret this week. As he executed a sneaky plan, he let fans see what was going on behind the scenes before it happened. So, what did Adam do? Keep reading for all of the details.

Recently, Adam has been sharing videos as he jumps out at his kids and scares them. With Halloween right around the corner, he’s certainly getting into the spirit. This last attack was especially sneaky and secretive.

Adam Busby YouTube, OutDaughtered

In a new Instagram post on Monday, Adam Busby wrote, “Anyone else get way too much enjoyment from scaring their kids? It’s the season!” 

The father of six shared a TikTok video he made of himself hiding in front of a car. He put his finger up to his lips to show that he was being sneaky and keeping a secret. So, fans knew what was coming before it actually happened.

Adam Busby Instagram, OutDaughtered

As his eldest daughter, Blayke walked to the door to go inside the house, he jumped out at her and made a creepy boo-roar noise. In response, she was totally shocked and let out a high-pitched scream. Of course, Adam couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction.

Then, Blayke fought back and attempted to kick her dad, so he backed off and screamed. The video is down below. As you can see in the video, Blayke’s arm is in a cast.

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OutDaughtered fans react to Adam Busby’s jump scare

In the comments section of Adam Busby’s new video, fans are totally impressed by Blayke’s reaction. They also can’t believe how well Adam was able to scare his daughter.

One fan said, “Her scream is a horror movie character scream. She should be an actress😂”

Another fan added, “Her scream followed by a deadly stare😂 you better watch out!😆”

Uncle Dale Mills also got a kick out of the new video. He wrote, “Poor Blayke!! Hahahaha!!”

Many fans can relate to Adam Busby because they’ve been scaring their children, grandchildren, siblings, and other kids in their lives for years. So, Adam certainly isn’t the only person who enjoys giving his kiddos a good jump scare. Halloween is still a couple of weeks away, so there are plenty of more opportunities for scares like this in the future.

So, do you think that Adam Busby got his daughter, Blayke, pretty good with this jump scare? Can you relate to him? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the OutDaughtered family.

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